It’s time to buy Sedona’s Red Rock Views

Sedona Real Estate is on the rise
by Gabrielle Morney
If you’ve been long dreaming of buying a home in Sedona’s red rock country, there may never be a better time. Prices are starting to creep up; inventory is dropping; and there are still some steals on the market.
Here’s one particularly incredible value: it’s a 3 bedroom, [...]

The Growing Demand for Democracy in Our Government

by Paul Chevalier

Paul Chevalier

There is much debate in Sedona over the correct political role for City Council members. The question comes down to whether Council members should follow their own will in making decisions on all community matters that come before them, or be duty-bound to seek out and follow the will of the majority [...]

2010 Sedona International Film Fest – Names and Faces

For the next few days, I’ll try to post some of the recognizable faces seen wandering the halls of the 16th Annual Sedona International Film Fest.
It was, by far the most star-driven festival in SIFF’s history.
Here’s a few …

Sedona International Film Fest 2010

SIFF keeps getting bigger and better!
Each year since director Patrick Schweiss took the helm of the Sedona International Film Festival, ticket sales have climbed and the list of famous Hollywood attendees gets longer and longer. Obviously, Schweiss is doing something right.
That’s why world-famous documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who also is not-so-famously the director of the [...]

Sedona Humane Society Radiothon

Sept. 10-12, 2009, Sedona Humane Society Radiothon

Losing Our Right to Vote

Thinking About Sedona

Losing our right to vote
by Paul Chevalier
Vice Mayor John Bradshaw and councilors Nancy Scagnelli, Pud Colquitt and Dan Surber, have control of our City Council, and they are determined to keep it.
These four councilors decided that they will fill the empty council position, vacated by Marc Sterling, with
someone who will serve out [...]