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5 Unusual Things to-do in Sedona

Author 10-02-2020

Sedona is known for being a very spiritual place with lots of activities you may not see on your average vacation. With healing vortexes, true characters within the locals and even some not so average gift shops, Sedona will open you up to experiences and activities you may have never seen yourself doing. So be a little adventurous and unusual, those types of people normally have the best stories.

1) Go Shopping for Crystals


Crystals have started to come into the mainstream and you may see many people around Sedona wearing, holding, or even handing them out. Here in Sedona, crystals and crystal carrying have always been mainstream, and when you come to Sedona, it would be unusual if you didn’t at least try a crystal.

For a true crystal experience visit the locally owned, Sedona Crystal Vortex store, they specialize in all things metaphysical.

Here you can schedule a reading with a psychic to connect with a departed loved one, get your cards read, or even discover who you might have been in a past life. You can also get your Aura read. Ask one of the well-versed employees which crystal can help cure your ailments, or just walk around the store and take it all in. The possibilities are endless at the Sedona Crystal Vortex store.

2) Go on a Vortex Tour


After stopping by the Sedona Crystal Vortex store with a fistful of your newly found crystal companions, make your way to the one of top 4 Vortex Hotspots in Sedona to charge them up and maximize your vortex experience.

Sedona is known for its aura of natural healing abilities that come straight from the earth itself. There are 4 well-known Vortex Hotspots that have been known to leave you uplifted, worry-free, and recharged after visiting. If you’d rather skip the tour and check out these vortexes on your own, here’s where you can find the 4 most popular Sedona vortexes:

  • Airport Mesa Vortex – Located close to the center of town, this is one of Sedona’s most popular vortexes. It does require some hiking and climbing to reach, but the views from the top are well worth the trip.
  • Bell Rock Vortex – Considered to be one of the most powerful vortex, Bell Rock is a place that’s alive with energy. Be sure to park in the North Bell Rock parking area, as the south side of the rock is much too steep to climb.
  • Boynton Canyon Vortex – This is one of the easiest vortexes to access, and the hike is perfectly suitable for families with small children. There’s much debate about the precise location of the vortex within the Canyon, but we suggest that you just head out there and find it for yourself!
  • Cathedral Rock Vortex – Cathedral Rock is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of Sedona, and its vortex is no exception! To reach the vortex, you must hike and climb a dangerous and steep trail, so this vortex is not for beginners.

If Vortex hunting is something that sounds interesting to you, there are multiple Tour Groups that would be happy to bring you along on the adventure of a lifetime. Tap into the mysterious of Sedona and make the unusual, usual by experiencing a Sedona Vortex. Check out all of our favorite Sedona vortex tours and plan your trip today!

3) Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloons over Sedona red rock landscape

Hot Air Balloon rides are one of the most unique and thrilling experiences a person can have. It’s not every day you’re in an open aired basket thousands of feet in the air. No matter where you are in the world, a Hot Air Balloon ride is worth it; but in Sedona it’s an unusual activity that you will never forget.

From the ground, Sedona has these mountainous red rocks that tower over the city and make you feel so small, but once you’re up in the air your whole perspective of Sedona shifts. Those towering totems of Cathedral Rock seem like toothpicks, and your whole view of Sedona starts to float below you.

If you’re lucky enough to book a Balloon Ride close to the time of sunset, you’ll be able to experience the most unusual sight of all, watching this glowing red rock town start to dim into the desert.

4) Search for Petroglyphs

petroglyphs in Sedona

Many have heard of hieroglyphics, the Ancient Egyptian written language carved and painted on the ancient walls of Egypt; but not many have heard of Petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are primarily the same things, but more derivative to Caveman drawings.

Just outside of Sedona city limits sits a few sites that still have the preserved drawings on display. These unusual carvings of indistinguishable animals and humanoids are littered along the rock walls located at the Palatki Heritage Site and V Bar V Ranch. The most unusual thing about visiting these sites, is coming to the realization that many years ago in these exact locations, Natives once ruled and tried to understand this area. Challenge your brain even more, buy trying to decipher what Petroglyphs actually mean. Are they telling a story? Or was someone just bored, and wanted to draw?

5) Check Out the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

tlaquepaquec arts and crafts village courtrard

Jared from Clermont / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

The Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village (pronounced T-la-keh-pah-keh) is such a fun spot for the whole family. With lots of funky and individually owned stores and restaurants, you’re bound to find something unusual you may want to take home and call yours.

With live music, delicious food, and even wedding ceremonies scattered around the property, this unusual shopping center also gives you the usual feeling of wonderment around every corner.

With scheduled outdoor dance lessons, and live art demonstrations, you may never want to leave (although your wallet may disagree). Meander through the twists and turns of Tlaquepaque and find an abundance of storefronts of local art, restaurants and clothing to give you the unusual, usual Sedona experience.

With so many fun and unusual things to do in Sedona, it’s no wonder that people come from across the world visit year-round. Ready to plan your next trip? Check out our Sedona vacation rentals and book your stay!