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Some people think that Sedona is for the older crowd and everything shuts down early. But little do you know that Sedona has a lively nightlife scene full of fun, drinks, unusual experiences, and even a private area for you to soak your troubles away. Read our fun list below to learn how to create an unforgettable Sedona vacation even after the sun goes down.

1) Hit Mooney’s Irish Pub for some late night drinks and food

Drinks on the table at Mooney's Irish pub in Sedona

Did you pack your “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt on accident and have nowhere to wear it in Sedona? Look no further than Mooney’s Irish pub. Here at Mooney’s you’ll be treated like one of the locals as they serve up beer and beef corn hash in true Irish fashion.

With regular bar hours you can stay up late with your friends and throw back a few cold ones. The full bar and food menu are available until 2 AM, making this pub a “can’t miss” if you’re into Sedona nightlife. Just be prepared and make sure you get a ride home.

2) Go stargazing

Two people stargazing under the Sedona sky

Due to strict rules in Sedona requiring light pollution to be at a minimum, stargazing in Sedona is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have. Grab your vacation group and your stargazing buddies and take to the skies as you search for constellations and maybe even a meteor shower. If you feel you would like some more insight on more information about stargazing you can book a stargazing tour and learn all about the sites you’re taking in. On the stargazing tours your tour guide will give you plenty of information about the cosmic above and what to look for along with the proper tools to find these mesmerizing constellations and figures dancing in the sky.

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3) Get an authentic Western dinner theater experience at Blazin’ M Ranch

town scene at Blazin M Ranch

Saddle up your crew and make your way to the Blazin’ M Western Ranch for some true down home, western dinner theater. It may not be your first idea when thinking about a fun nightlife activity, but it is an awesome alternative and an unforgettable experience.

Located just outside Sedona in Cottonwood, Arizona the Blazin’ M Ranch is here to accommodate and satisfy your every western need.

When you arrive, you’ll be pulled around by a tractor, experiencing a small development that is the Blazin’ M Ranch. Once you hear that dinner bell ring you know it’s time to chow down.
Settle down at your table and you’ll experience musical acts, poetry, and maybe even a comedy sketch or two all performed by your favorite western Cowboys and Cowgirls. If you love to drink they have a full bar menu, and if you love to eat you are invited to enjoy the classic western cowboy dinner all wrapped in foil. To learn more and purchase tickets, visit the Blazin’ M Ranch website.

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4) Taste the Southwest’s best hops at Oak Creek Brewing Company

Exterior shot of Oak Creek Brewing in Sedona

Do you love beer? Of course, you do! And you’ve come to the right city to experience some of the best local locally brewed hops in the southwest. At the Oak Creek brewing Company, you can take a tour of their brewing facilities and see how they make their locally famous IPAs and other beers. Stay a little later and experience the tasting room with all the locals.

Being one of the only brew pubs in the area Oak Creek brewing company knows what they’re doing. With over 20 beers on tap and an outdoor patio with live music accompanying, it’s the best place for a night owl to begin their evening.

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5) See the impossible on a UFO tour!

ufos flying over a desert landscape

Life on Mars? That’s no small affair! Do you ever have a feeling that there is something more out there? Look no further because Sedona has more than just tours that your typical vacation may offer. Link up with a UFO tour guide to help spot some of those unidentified flying objects whirling about in the sky. Who knows, you may be the first human contact to be made with an alien life form. Boy, what a story that would be to take back home.

With clearer sighting conditions in the evening due to the almost complete darkness in Sedona, a UFO sighting is more likely to happen. A UFO tour can be one of the most perfect experiences you can have in Sedona as a night owl with a longing hope for communication to an extraterrestrial.

6) Go for a soak in a private hot tub under the stars

private hot tub in Sedona

After a long day of hiking and strolling the Sedona streets, nothing is more relaxing than soaking your feet in the evening in your own private hot tub, with the backlit Sedona Red Rocks sleeping in the horizons. Instead of dreaming about this kind of rest and relaxation, book your own Sedona Vacation rental with a private hot tub! We have many rentals to choose from all over Sedona, including West Sedona, The Village of Oak Creek, Uptown Sedona, and more!

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