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8 Best Things to Do in Sedona with Kids (or Without)

Author 09-25-2020

Some may think that Sedona is more of a place for retirees and romantic getaways, but those people could not be more incorrect. Sedona is super family-friendly and has many activities that can be enjoyed by all in the family. From crazy adventures with animals to adventuring off road in a bright pink jeep, you’ll see the smiles on the kids’ faces and finally breathe a sigh of relief by seeing them explore what’s in front of them rather than on their cell phone screens.

Our Favorite Things to Do in Sedona with Kids

1) Go For a Sedona Safari at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

The Arizona heat mimics the environment of Africa rather well. Here at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park you and the family will be able to have all sorts of daring adventures.

Surely every kid dreams about going on an African safari, and Sedona has the next best thing. Hop in a caravan and travel through the African Sahara right here in Arizona and encounter some of the Serengeti’s most famous animals. With rhinos, giraffes, and zebras just to name a few the kids will be on the edge of their seat trying to spot each special African land animal.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park offers lots of excursions, from in-depth tours that take you behind the scenes on how they care for the animals, to driving through the enclosure to experience a day in the life of these animals.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park also has this incredible zip line that takes you from one point of the park to the other. As you glide over the park, you’re able to see all the animals that live on the reserve. You’ll feel like you’re a bird flying over the Serengeti desert. Create memories for your child that will last an eternity while also showing them the true meaning of the ‘Circle of Life’.

2) Slip ‘n Slide at Slide Rock

When arriving at Slide Rock in Sedona, you’ll see tons of families with giggling kids sliding down this natural waterslide. Slide Rock is one of the most famous landmarks here in Sedona. With areas to picnic outdoors and learn a little bit more about the area with the insight of Park Rangers, the kids love Slide Rock.

Slide Park is a State Park located in Sedona, Arizona. With Park Rangers there to assist you with every need you may have; whether it be questions about the area or need of a specific facility they’re there to help you.

Many events happen throughout the year at Slide Rock. One of the more popular being the “Big Family Camp-Out” sponsored by the park. This event helps families who have little to no camping experience learn how to survive and thrive in the outdoors. This is just one of the many events that Slide Rock State Park puts on to involve families in working together to enjoy and respect nature, and the natural beauty of Sedona.

When planning a trip to Slide Rock, make sure you’re comfortable wearing something that might get a little torn up. The rock formations are a little hard on your normal swimsuit, we suggest wearing cutoffs, water shoes and other durable articles of clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. Other than that you’re in for a great time; Slide Rock is a place your kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

3) Catch a Ride on a Pink Adventure Tour

Here in Sedona we have the perfect accessory to complement all of your Red Rock adventures, and that color is pink! The Pink Adventure Tours in Sedona offer an exhilarating 4 x 4 off-road adventure that will leave your kids begging to do it again. Each experience includes a well-informed tour guide that will lead you down a path that is rarely taken by many. There are many different trails that the Pink Adventure Tours offer so finding one that the whole family will enjoy, won’t be difficult.

We recommend checking out the Broken Arrow tour which is exclusive to Pink Adventure Tours and takes you through miles of scenic rock formations with the thrill of off-road action. It’s not too much of a rocky ride, making it the perfect option for families with children of all ages.

If your kids aren’t old enough and you don’t think they can handle all the bumps and turbulence of the Sedona Rocky landscape, they offer different tours with a gentler terrain that allows you to experience Sedona in whatever capacity you wish. It’s hard to beat this awesome excursion in Sedona. It’s one that will leave the kids remembering the one time they got in a hot pink jeep and rode throughout the desert. You’ll probably enjoy yourself a little bit too.

4) Secret Cave Hiking at Soldier Pass

When planning to visit Soldiers Pass Trail, don’t tell the kids they’re just going on a hike. Tell them instead that they are discovering a secret cave. A little bit off the beaten path of Soldiers Trail is a cave that makes for the perfect area to cool off from the Sedona sun while still enjoying the natural wonders Sedona has to offer.

The entire length of Soldiers Pass Trail is about 4 miles out-and-back, but the cave is only located about a mile in. Be on the lookout for a white sign indicating where the trail forks into the direction of the secret Soldiers Pass Cave. The kids will love poking around and all the little cave windows that open up into the Sedona canyon. And you’ll love the shaded area to cool off a little while before you make your way further down the trail or head back to the car.

The trail does not offer any facilities for restroom use or to refill water bottles, so make sure you come prepared with the backpack full of snacks, water, and any other supplies you may need for a lengthy hike.

5) Take a Ride on a Sedona Trolley Tour

Looking for an easy way to explore downtown Sedona and surrounding landmarks? The Sedona Trolley Tours are a great way to get out and explore the town while still learning about the area, and keeping cool. With several different routes you can explore Sedona landmarks in the comfort of your own trolley cart. You can also explore and learn more about the more metropolitan area of Sedona by listening to your well-informed guide.

Make sure you have your camera ready because the Trolley makes stops at a few places along your route for photo opportunities. That way you could knock out many of the Sedona landmarks on one trip, rather than dedicating an entire day of lugging around the kids to each destination. The trolley can help alleviate travel time.

Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your trolley reservation to make sure everything is in order. The trolley stop is located in uptown Sedona. Before your trip, stop by some of the surrounding local restaurants and grab some snacks for your ride. Food and drink are permitted on the trolley. Children under the age of 18 months can ride the trolley for free, but they must sit in an adult’s lap for the duration of the trip.

6) Catch Dinner at the Sedona Rainbow Trout Farm

Show your kids their true fishing abilities at the Rainbow Trout Farm in Sedona. At the Trout Farm, your kids can fish for some local trout and even have the opportunity to clean and cook the fish all in the same trip.

At the Rainbow Trout farm, there is no catch and release, you pay for what you catch. Grill kits are available for purchase with all the supplies you need to properly season and cook your fish. The kids will love to see the way the fish is prepared and cleaned and you love the fresh taste of your own caught Rainbow Trout.

For one dollar a person, you’re able to get all the bait and fishing poles supplies needed for the family, to have their own fishy lunch or dinner. With the Rainbow Trout Farm’s pond surrounded by beautiful trees towering overhead, this shady spot is the perfect place for a family outing and some good fresh food.

7) Have Fun with History at Kids Korral at the Sedona Heritage Museum

Load up the kids in the car, and head over to the Sedona Heritage Museum for some good, clean history fun. The Sedona Heritage Museum is super family-friendly and ready to accommodate and show you a good time in Sedona while learning about its rich history. Join the Sedona Heritage Museum with their Kids Corral tours.

With special events and activities around the museum and specifically for the kiddos, your kids will learn so much about the area and not even realize it. With costumes and other interactive activities your children will be completely immersed in Sedona culture and bring back stories to tell all their friends at school.

Children under the age of 13 are permitted in the museum for free, with the supervision of an adult. Explore and understand Sedona more in depth after visiting the Sedona Heritage Museum.

8) Grab Some Food at the Indian Garden Café and Market

After a long day, the worst part about vacation is always figuring out where everyone wants to eat for dinner. At the Indian Garden Café and Market, there’s a dish for everyone, to satisfy their own personal dinner or lunch cravings. This café is perfect after a long day at Slide Rock because it’s located in the lower area of Oak Creek.

The Indian Garden Café also has a lot of history within its walls, built in 1947 this Café and Market is one of the oldest continually operational General Stores in Arizona. Grab a plate and head out to the back patio for some shaded relief from the Sedona sun and enjoy munching on some great food. The kids will be happy with their meal selections, and you’ll be able to enjoy the great scenery that the Indian Café and Market have to offer without breaking the bank.

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