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Best Times to Visit Sedona

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Sedona has a rich arts culture and a ton of outdoor activities to partake in thanks to the gorgeous red rock formations that the town is known for. People come from all over to see how beautiful the scenery is, and it’s little wonder why. The unique geography makes for a one-of-a-kind destination, and the weather is generally beautiful. Here are the best times to visit Sedona!

Peak Seasons

Spring is, without a doubt, the busiest season when it comes to tourism in Sedona. Some of the desert winter months can get pretty cold, and most of the fun to be had in the area tends to happen outdoors. The opposite goes for summer, where most of Arizona heats up to a degree that might force people to seek shelter from the sun. When you come through during spring, you get the best of everything, with some cool breezes to keep every day beautiful, and just the right amount of sunshine to keep it from getting cold.

You’ll find people out and about visiting Sedona’s outdoor shopping malls on any given day, and when they aren’t shopping, they’re likely enjoying one of the many fine dining restaurants the town has attracted over the years. Many of these restaurants have outdoor seating, so find your favorite place and let the day go by.

Autumn stays pretty busy for many of the same reasons as spring, and also brings plenty of extra people into town who are planning on heading to Jerome for the Halloween season. The nearby haunted town is a hot spot during this season, and definitely warrants a visit while you’re in town since it’s just up the road.

Off Seasons

As mentioned before, summer and winter tend to slow down due to the polarizing weather, but it’s still much more hospitable than the southern portions of Arizona, and you’ll enjoy beating the crowds by visiting Sedona during these times. If it ever gets too hot or cold out, there are so many businesses in the area that are worth checking out while you enjoy the heating or air conditioning.

Don’t let the weather discourage you from seeing the sights, either, because many of the nearby hiking trails have their fair share of shade from the trees, and some of them even have lakes or streams along the way that bring people in during the summer.

Come and See Sedona Any Time

Whether you’re planning on stopping in during off season, or you want to see the bustling town during peak season, you’re bound to have a good time. On any days the weather doesn’t cooperate, your vacation rental will be the perfect place to cool off or warm up. Contact us and one of our agents will match you up with the perfect property for the perfect Sedona trip.