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Grand Canyon Tours

Experience the Iconic Grand Canyon

Just a few hours away from Sedona is one of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Grand Canyon. Miles and miles of scenic red rock rise from the might Colorado River, presenting a breathtaking vision of sheer beauty and majesty. The Grand Canyon is a national park that also is home to many creatures of many sizes and shapes. Experiencing the Canyon is a memory that will remain for a lifetime.

Tours of the Grand Canyon range from trains, helicopters and SUVs — so there’s no excuse not to see this wonder for yourself.

Grand Canyon Railway

Ride the romantic rails of yesteryear aboard historic trains that are a part of the Grand Canyon Railway. Venture out of Sedona on the way to the Grand Canyon in vintage Pullman cars from the 1920s, first-class Observation Dome cars from the 1950s, and luxury Parlor cars from the 1940s — all offering class, luxury and a glimpse into a more genteel time of America’s history.

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Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

This ride will absolutely take your breath away as you fly high above the Grand Canyon in a helicopter piloted by experienced and knowledgeable pilots. You’ll experience a truly unique point of view while learning the history of one of the world’s greatest scenic treasures.

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Adventure Southwest

Settle back in the comfort of a private van and enjoy the soaring, majestic views — and you don’t even have to worry about parking. Because you are letting someone else do the driving, you won’t worry about missing any of the spectacular sights. In addition to doing the driving, our drivers will point out special spots, as well as teaching you the history of the Canyon.

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