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Sedona Retreats

By its very definition a vacation is designed to let you relax and rejuvenate to allow you to return to your regular life feeling centered and refreshed. A Sedona vacation is going to deliver an extra bit of spiritual energy — you may not always feel it, but it is there. Engaging in a Sedona retreat will let you combine the best of all worlds and will let you discover what you may think is the unobtainable mind and body harmony. You can find your inner peace at any number of retreats, healing workshops, and meditation retreats during your Sedona stay.

Sedona Soul Adventures

Whether you feel like you have lost your way or just need some extra pampering, Sedona Soul Adventures has a retreat that is just what you need. Offering spiritual retreats, spa retreats, and couple’s retreats, Sedona Soul Adventure is where you go for that next step in your life journey. Explore what Sedona Soul Adventures can do for you!

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Sedona Vortex Retreats

Sedona Vortex Retreats has eight different retreat programs — each designed to optimize your Sedona experience. Each retreat works with the vortex energies, with many taking place at the actual vortexes. There are also individual and personalized retreats tailored around you. No mater your destination or path, or special event, our staff guides can help you along the way. Discover what you have been missing at Sedona Vortex Retreats!

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Mii Amo

Pamper and spoil yourself with a spa retreat designed to celebrate everything special about you; Mii Amo offers spa retreat workshops covering everything from yoga workshops to exploring your soul to karmic cleanses. Book a spa retreat and heal yourself while being pampered.

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Sedona Sacred Journeys

Healer and master teacher Gregory Drambour offers five different unique and healing retreats: couple’s retreats, individual retreats, group retreats, shamanic remote clearings, and cancer support retreats. His shamanic remote clearing retreat works at clearing the bad from your aura and replacing it with only good. Group retreats are perfect team bonding experiences for employer and employees.

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