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Sedona Vortex Tours

Experience the Famous Sedona Vortex Energy

You have experienced vortexes before, such as the swirling water going down the drain after that long, relaxing bath. Or perhaps, a dust devil swirling across the desert floor, picking up dust, rocks and perhaps detritus along its path. Even that whirlpool in a river is a vortex.

In Sedona the swirling that signifies a vortex does involve water or air, rather psychic energy swirling inward to the earth’s core, or swirling outward along the plane of the earth. Many believe that these vortexes have strong healing powers. And Sedona is home to multiple vortexes. You can experience these psychic energy centers with any number of Sedona vortex tours.

Sedona Sacred Journeys

Find or rebuild your inner peace during a Sedona Sacred Journey’s Tour. Tours with healer and master teacher Gregory Drambour last from a single day to several, and are said to be unique to each individual. Sedona Sacred Journeys can also guide you to vortexes that are generally not known to the public, or even other guides.

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Sedona Soul Adventures

Find peace and happiness on a journey of rediscover with Sedona Soul adventures, as you learn to love yourself in ways you never imaged. SSA offers couples’, spiritual, and spa retreats that are designed to refresh and renew the essence of you.

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Sedona Psychic Wisdom

During these unique vortex tours, you will walk through vortex sites with a private guide who can help you experience the vortex energy through walking the land and meditation. Kavitaa is considered a well-known area vortex guide and can help you experience the healing and peace that come with any of the many Sedona vortex sites.

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