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Top Sedona Facts You May Not Know About This Area

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Sedona is undoubtedly famous for its red rock formations and abundant outdoor attractions, and while many of the historical sites and trails get a ton of foot traffic all year, there are definitely some hidden gems in the area that you’ll want to check out, especially if you’ve been to the area before and you’re looking to spice up your return visit. This also extends to the attractions in town, where Sedona’s ever-growing arts and fine dining scenes continue to bring new offerings to the table. Why not take a chance and find your new favorite spot? Here are a few Sedona facts and attractions you may not have known about.

Find Some New Restaurants on the West Side of Town

Uptown Sedona definitely has the most popular restaurants in town, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many of the restaurants in Sedona offer incredible, unique culinary experiences that keep people coming back for years, but even if you think you’ve found your favorite restaurant, why not shop around slightly off the beaten path and see if you find something new? Bakeries, pizzerias, organic eateries, and international restaurants can all be found in this part of town, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Take a Tour to Find Your New Favorite Winery

The area is definitely well known for having quite a few famous wineries, some of which even export their wines to different parts of the state and beyond. If you’re a fan of any of the local wines, you’re bound to find something new if you take a chance with the less trafficked wineries. You can either build a tour of your own and make your own day trip out of it or go on one of the many wine tours available in town. Either way, you’ll find something that’s sure to impress.

Walk Some of the Lesser-Known Trails

There are dozens of different trails for you to choose from during your stay, and while many of the frequented trails are absolutely deserving of all of their traffic, there are plenty of other locations that are just as deserving of the attention. One of the added benefits to them not being quite as popular is that you’ll have more space to yourself to take in the scenery and enjoy the peace and quiet; this is a fact about Sedona! Check out trails like Chimney Rock Loop, Jacks Canyon, or Shcuerman Mountain. If you tackle all of them, there are plenty more waiting for you.

Come and See Our Hidden Gems

Sedona has its fair share of well-kept secrets, but don’t let that stop you from trying to uncover them. While you’re out there finding your new favorite spot in town, your vacation home will be there waiting for you. With rentals of all different sizes ready and waiting for you, you’re bound to find the perfect one to make your Sedona vacation an unforgettable one. Get in touch with us now to kick off your vacation the right way.