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5 Best Things to Do in Sedona This Weekend

Are you getting tired of doing the same old thing every weekend? Let’s spice things up with some different things going around in Sedona. This weekend let’s venture outside and try something new, or explore some lesser known areas of Sedona as well. Whatever you decide to do, let’s make the most of this weekend by trying something new. 1) Get Outside and Be One with Nature Sedona is any...

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6 Things to do in Sedona at Night

Some people think that Sedona is for the older crowd and everything shuts down early. But little do you know that Sedona has a lively nightlife scene full of fun, drinks, unusual experiences, and even a private area for you to soak your troubles away. Read our fun list below to learn how to create an unforgettable Sedona vacation even after the sun goes down. 1) Hit Mooney’s Irish Pub...

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5 Unusual Things to-do in Sedona

Sedona is known for being a very spiritual place with lots of activities you may not see on your average vacation. With healing vortexes, true characters within the locals and even some not so average gift shops, Sedona will open you up to experiences and activities you may have never seen yourself doing. So be a little adventurous and unusual, those types of people normally have the best stories. 1)...

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8 Best Things to Do in Sedona with Kids (or Without)

Some may think that Sedona is more of a place for retirees and romantic getaways, but those people could not be more incorrect. Sedona is super family-friendly and has many activities that can be enjoyed by all in the family. From crazy adventures with animals to adventuring off road in a bright pink jeep, you’ll see the smiles on the kids’ faces and finally breathe a sigh of relief by...

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10 Romantic Things for Couples to Do in Sedona

Step aside Virginia, because Sedona is for Lovers now. With so many things to do in Sedona that are beautiful and breathtaking, it only makes sense to spend it with the one you love. From quiet evenings under the starlit night sky to romantic date nights out, you’re sure to make some memories while you’re here among the red rocks. Create the ultimate trip for romance in Sedona by experiencing...

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