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Airport Loop Trail

Airport Loop Trail Fast Facts

Length:  3.2 miles

Elevation gain: 416ft

Type:  Loop

Dogs: Yes, on a leash

Approximate time to hike: A few hours

Parking: Airport Mesa

Suitable for Instagram photos? Yes, especially during the springtime when Arizona’s wildflowers are in bloom.

View of Sedona

About the Sedona Airport Loop Trail Hike

Sedona’s Airport Loop Trail offers panoramic views of Sedona from Airport Mesa, and can be completed by hikers of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a slightly challenging yet very rewarding hike, Sedona Airport Loop Trail is a perfect choice! Keep in mind that this trail can be a bit more trafficked than other Sedona hiking trails, so make sure you plan accordingly.

How to Hike Airport Loop Trail

Starting from the parking area, head southeast for approximately 300 feet, to the crest of a small saddle. After passing the saddle, turn right to enter the trail and follow it around to the left, tracking the southeast slope of Airport Mesa. We recommend taking a few minutes to relax and take in the beautiful views of Oak Creek Valley before heading on down the trail. You can see for quite a distance at this point, and might even want to snap a few pics!

Once you’ve made it onto the Airport Loop Trail, the trail is fairly level for the first mile, with little to no elevation gain. After you’ve trekked about a mile, the trail turns into a slight incline, taking you up over basalt boulders to the southwest corner of Airport Mesa. The trail will then level out, turn north, and continue on to follow the perimeter fence of Sedona’s airport. After following the fence for a few minutes, the trail drops down before you climb out to the west, intersecting with Table Top Trail.

Continue north on the trail and eventually you’ll encounter a slight descent and turn to the northeast. At the two mile mark, the trail will intersect with yet another trail, Bandit Trail. Continue on Airport Loop Trail as it descends in elevation before leveling out after a switchback. At this point, you’re on the home stretch! Continue to climb to the east, and you’ll reach a point with some incredible views of West Sedona, and exit the trail at Airport Road.


Photography Pro Tips

A wide angle lens is an absolute MUST for Airport Loop Trail! The views from the top of Airport Mesa are absolutely breathtaking, and you’ll want to capture every inch of Red Rock Country that you possibly can. We also recommend bringing a lens more suitable for close-up photos of wildflowers, as you’ll encounter several pretty plants along the way. Who knows, you may even snap a picture of the elusive Sedona wildlife while you’re at it!

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