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Doe Mountain Trail

Doe Mountain Fast Facts

Length: 1.5 miles

Elevation gain: 492 ft

Type: Loop

Dogs: Yes, on a leash

Approximate time to hike: 2 hours

Parking: Doe Mountain Trailhead

About Doe Mountain Trail

Doe Mountain Trail is one of Sedona’s most scenic hiking trails that doesn’t require a ton of effort to explore. Starting from the trailhead, the trail switchbacks up the northern side of an ancient mesa with a flat top the size of a football field. Make sure that you take some time to stop and look around on your ascent, as you’re able to see some pretty great views of Sedona’s most famous landmarks, as well as Sycamore Canyon and the Verde Valley.

Doe Mountain Trail itself is a pretty short-lived hike, and unless you make frequent stops along the way you should make it to the top in less than an hour. The trail offers some shade from low hanging juniper and ash trees along the way, but you should still bring sun protection and water with you, especially in the summer months.

Once you’ve reached the top of the mesa, congratulations! You have officially made it to the end of the Doe Mountain trail. However, once you’ve made it to the top you can easily spend hours exploring the football field-sized mesa and taking in all of its incredible views. We recommend circling the rim and checking out the views in each direction. You’ll be amazed at just how much of Red Rock Country you can see from the top of Doe Mountain!

Once you’re done exploring the mesa, head back down the way that you came to get back to your car.


Photography Pro Tips

If you’re looking to get some breathtaking photos of the sunset, Doe Mountain is one of the best places to go in Sedona! Be sure to bring a headlamp and/or flashlight with you though, as there will be little to no light left on the way back to your car.

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