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Mund’s Wagon Trail

Mund’s Wagon Trail Fast Facts

Length: 8.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,110ft

Type: Out-and-Back

Dogs:  Yes, on a leash

Approximate time to hike: All day, pack lots of water

Suitable for Instagram photos? The Red Rocks along this trail are photogenic. Stop by in the Winter for a light dusting of snow for the perfect picture.

Parking: Mund’s Wagon Trailhead

About Mund’s Wagon Trail

Mund’s Wagon Trail begins on Schnebly Hill Road, near the Huckaby Trailhead and Schnebly Hill Vista Observation Site. The parking lot can be reached with any vehicle, but the parking lot fills up pretty quickly so arrive early if you can. We also recommend bringing ample sun protection, water, and snacks with you, as Mund’s Wagon can take all day to hike.

The trail starts with a quick descent into a wash, marked by tall flood-resistant cairns. After the wash, hike for approximately five minutes before winding left and walking parallel to Schnebly Hill Road – you’ll be seeing a lot of Schnebly Hill Road along this trail! The road doesn’t see much, if any traffic other than the occasional Jeep tour passing by.

After crossing Schnebly Hill Road for a second time, the trail descends down into Bear Wallow Cavern, named after the famous bears that wallow in the area. Not really, you’re actually not likely to run into any bears along this trail or in the area, but do keep your eyes open just in case. In all seriousness, Bear Wallow Cavern is actually most easily recognized by its trees! You’ll notice several juniper trees before coming across an elder alligator juniper before coming across a picnic area with a handful of tables. This is a great place to take a minute to relax, or even stop for a snack on your way back!

After hiking for another five to ten minutes, the trail intersects with Hangover Trail. At this point, stick to the right and head for the creek bed not too far ahead. Eventually the trail will lead out of the trees and into what’s known as “equestrian bypass,” a section of the trail where horses go one way and hikers go another. Unless you’ve brought a palomino with you, stick to the left there cowboy. Only people riding on horseback are allowed to go to the right, and it’s to protect them and their horses from the slick rocks that hikers will encounter to the left.

Continue on for a little over an hour and the trail begins to ascend, and you’ll encounter a few switchbacks before crossing Schnebly Hill Road again and intersecting with Cow Pies trail. After just a few more minutes, you’ll be rewarded with a break in the canopy, and some incredible views of Mitten Ridge and Munds Mountains.

After marveling at the view for a few minutes, get back on the trail and make your way back the way that you came. We recommend exploring the area a bit though, as there’s lots to see and so many great photo opportunities!


Photography Pro Tips

As one of Sedona’s most enjoyable and scenic trails, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to snapping some pictures. To make the most of your time on the trail, we recommend a camera with two distinct capabilities: a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens. If you’re shooting on a cell phone, try to use a panoramic or wider photo setting to get the landscape shots, and do your best to get up close and personal to the smaller subjects such as plants or trees. Another thing to keep in mind is battery life. On such a long trail, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of juice to keep yourself shooting all day.


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