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Sedona View Trail

Sedona View Trail Fast Facts

Length: 1.2 miles

Elevation gain: 380 ft

Type: Out and Back

Dogs: Yes, on a leash

Approximate time to hike: 1-2 hours

Parking: Nearby visitor lot

Good for Instagram photos? With panoramic views of the entire Sedona area, your camera will be begging you to take just one more shot.

About Sedona View Trail

Sedona View Trail is a short trail running parallel to Airport Road and Airport Loop Trail. Sedona View Trail starts just north of the Airport Road and Shrine Road intersection, and visitors can park at the public parking lot just before the trail. Parking is $3 and enforced by staff on site, so keep that in mind before heading out for the day. There’s little to no shade along the trail, so be sure to pack plenty of sun protection and water to keep you going.

From the parking lot, head east and make your way to the trail. After entering the trail you’ll make a left and descend to a green chain-link fence with a gate. Pass through the gate, and veer to the right to follow the trail. From here on, it’s a very straightforward, downhill hike with some rocky patches, juniper trees, and cacti lining either side of the trail.

As the name implies, Sedona View Trail offers some pretty incredible views of Sedona! Along the trail you can see Coffee Pot Rock, Doe Mountain, Sugar Loaf, Wilson Mountain, and Oak Creek Canyon!

Sedona View Trail ends at Airport Loop Trail, which is another of our favorite Sedona hiking trails! After you’ve made it to Airport Loop Trail, hang a right and you’re at one of Sedona’s most famous sites, the Airport Mesa Vortex! For those that don’t know, Sedona Vortexes are said to be powerful centers of energy that can aid in healing, meditation, and exploring one’s inner self. 

The Airport Mesa Vortex is particularly special for two reasons. For one, the vortex is said to be uplifting and enables visitors to achieve a higher perspective and serenity. The second reason that this place is so special is because Airport Mesa Vortex is the only location that gives you a full 360-degree panoramic view of the town of Sedona. It makes sense that this treasured view of Sedona lies at the end of Sedona View Trail!

Once you’ve spent some time taking in the gorgeous views of Sedona, make your way back following the same path that you originally hiked. Or, if you’d prefer spending more time on the trails, you can start at Airport Mesa Vortex and follow Airport Loop Trail all the way around the Sedona Airport. This will literally loop you back around to the Airport Mesa Vortex, where you can hop back on the Sedona View Trail and hike 0.6 miles back to your car. If you choose to follow this extended route, plan to spend about 5 hours on the trail for a total distance of about 5 miles.


Photography Pro Tips

While this is almost always a good idea, bringing a camera with a panoramic mode is an absolute must for hiking Sedona View Trail. The 360-degree view of Sedona at the end of the trail is just too breathtaking to not capture in its entirety. If you don’t have a panoramic capable camera or smartphone, we recommend bringing the widest angle lens that you can get your hands on.


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