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Although it may not be the Woodstock you’re looking for, Snoopy Rock in Sedona is still a sight to behold. Although Snoopy Rock could look like many different things, tourists and residents alike can all agree on Snoopy Rock looking like your favorite cartoon pup.

Sedona is one of America’s most beautiful places and is home to many majestic Red Rock formations. There is no better way to enjoy this magnificent countryside than attending a sightseeing tour or with one of the local tour guides. Snoopy Rock is named after the adorable Peanuts character, and is one of the striking sights along Schnebly Hill Road. Towering above Oak Creek Canyon, Snoopy rests asleep atop his doghouse with Woodstock on his nose.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Snoopy Rock was once called Saddle Back Rock?

The Snoopy Rock viewing hike is a quick trek to the top and offers great views of Sedona. Snoopy Rock is not evident from the trailhead, so you need to be prepared for a short walk. At the first signed trail junction, there are several options for views of Snoopy Rock:

If you decide to go left, eventually, you will reach Schnebly Hill Road. If you veer right, you will ultimately reach the Broken Arrow trailhead. Instead, go head straight onto the trail ahead of you.

Hiking to Snoopy Rock

Snoopy Rock in Sedona

Snoopy Rock in Sedona

As you start your adventure forward, you should look to your left; there, you’ll begin to see Snoopy taking his shape. See if you can make out Snoopy towards the left side of the cliffs. There are lots of trails here, and we recommend that you explore more than just one of them.

It isn’t essential to find a particular path that leads straight to Snoopy Rock; use your best route judgment skills here. Eventually, you’ll reach Snoopy and the magnificent landscapes of the Sedona, Arizona area.

When viewing Snoopy Rock, you may think you see another one of our Peanut favorites. Many locals and visitors have claimed to see the formation of Lucy hanging out and taking a nap next to her canine companion. Now that brings us to a total of 3 characters lounging about in the Sedona sun. Woodstock, Snoopy, and Lucy; that sounds like a new cartoon special to us!

Snoopy Rock trail is about a 2.5-mile hike, out and back. It’s perfect for all ages and skill levels, even those with “blockhead” personalities. With incredible views and an easy trek, you’ll be shouting from the top, “It’s the great Red-Rock formation, Charlie Brown”!

A Red Rock Pass is required for the Snoopy Rock Trail. Please see a local Visitor’s Center with vending machines with the Red Rock Passes available for purchase. You can also purchase the required pass in person at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce or online at My Scenic Drives.

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