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Top 4 Best Restaurants in Sedona

Author 11-13-2020

After a day of hiking around Sedona’s many hiking trails, playing a round of golf, or exploring the art galleries, you’re probably going to be in the mood for something good to eat. Luckily you have plenty of options in Sedona, ranging from incredible southwestern food to some of the best vegan cuisine in the state. We decided to put together our list of the top four best restaurants in Sedona, to help give you some ideas for your next trip to Sedona.

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Elote Cafe – Authentic Mexican cuisine and incredible tequila drinks

Group dining at elote cafe in Sedona

When visiting Sedona, it is hard not to feel like a local and embrace the effervescent Southwestern culture. With hard-hitting, bold flavors all around Sedona, it’s not hard to find a restaurant that offers the complete embodiment of the Southwestern palette.

At Elote Cafe in Sedona, you’ll experience traditional Southwestern Mexican flavors with a new and exciting twist. Under the watchful eye of Chef Jeff Smedstad, Elote Café dishes mimic meals that speak to his many culinary journeys through Puebla, Vera Cruz, and Oaxaca in Mexico. Utilizing organic produce and locally-sourced ingredients, Chef Smedstad has transformed Elote Café into an ecologically responsible and economically aware oasis of menu items.

Begin your dining experience at Elote Cafe with guacamole, goat cheese drizzled in honey, green corn tamales, or pork carnitas. Main dish options include succulent braised lamb, seasoned chipotle shrimp, tender smoked pork cheeks, and an array of enchiladas made to satisfy your tastebuds. Feel free to indulge in creamy Mexican chocolate pie, sweet vanilla bean flan, or a tart blackberry sorbet before returning to your vacation rental for the evening.

Delicious food isn’t all the Elote Cafe caters to its guests. With an extensive drink menu with in house favorites, be sure to remind yourself to relax and unwind with a nice glass of whatever tickles your fancy. Sip happily on Almendrado Tequila, Kahlua, or Graham’s 20-Year Tawny Port when you’re looking for a way to finish off the perfect meal.

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Cucina Rustica – Spend an evening in Old World Tuscany

Cucina Rustica in Sedona

If you need a sophisticated night out but aren’t wanting to eat upscale food, then look no further than Cucina Rustica in Sedona, Arizona. Cucina Rustica has forged a path through Sedona’s growing culinary scene, staying true to itself while providing some of the most authentic Italian food in the Verde Valley. When you walk into Cucina Rustica, the dining room welcomes you by the enchanting Mediterranean decor, aromatic smells, and eye-catching dishes scattered among the surrounding tables.

Insanely fresh ingredients, farm-fresh local produce, and the chef’s need to infuse flavor into every dish make Cucina Rustica a treat for you and the family in Sedona. The wide-ranging menu at Cucina Rustica offers up courses that include anything that tickles your fancy. From perfectly pan-seared chicken topped with crisp, garden-fresh vegetables; to shrimp and shellfish-based dishes will satisfy the pallet of a seafood lover.

A wide variety of pasta plates are offered at Cucina Rustica to match Italy’s many culinary tastes. No meal at Cucina Rustica is complete without being perfectly paired with a glass of wine, so don’t forget to leave the wine menu at your table to pair with your many different courses.

Once dinner wraps up, dessert is a well-participated Italian tradition that shouldn’t be missed. Dessert delights guests with moist tiramisu, mouth-watering chocolate cake, and a wide variety of delectable gelatos. These Italian staples make the after-dinner belly-ache well worth it when you spend an evening at Cucina Rustica.

The old world charm offered by Cucina Rustica makes it the perfect choice for date night in Sedona. If you’re traveling with your special someone, we highly recommend that you make dinner reservations for a night to remember. After drinks, dinner, and desert have concluded, head back to your 1 bedroom Casita for a relaxing night in, and unwind for the day with a nightcap.

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Steakhouse 89 – Sedona’s meat Mecca!


Are you looking for an evening of celebration or maybe even a little romance? Make sure you reserve a table at Steakhouse 89 to dine in style, all while enjoying a delicious meal that will be sure to be the highlight of your dining experience in Sedona. Located right along highway 89A, Steakhouse 89 is so aptly named. A favorite among tourists and locals alike, this meat-mecca is sure to satisfy any food cravings you may have.

Get your evening started with a fresh, creamy burrata for you and your party. Combine that burrata with the Steakhouse’s fresh rolls and fried calamari; you’ll be tempted not even to order your main course. When it’s time to choose from the main, Steakhouse 89 offers up options ranging from 24 oz. Porterhouses to a more delicate foie gras with truffle butter.

Appetizers and the Main Course are hardly even the highlights for Steakhouse 89. If you can, make sure that you leave room for dessert. A Steakhouse 89 local favorite includes the delicious, velvety in-house made ice cream. Steakhouse 89 also has creamy cheesecake and delectable chocolate pecan pie. Steakhouse 89 provides can’t-miss desserts if you can’t handle having one more delicious bite here, option in for a doggie bag, and take some home with you.

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Sound Bites Grill – Sedona’s best live music restaurant

If you’re the type to enjoy a night full of music and good eats, then Sound Bites Grill is one of the best places in Sedona to do so. With nightly musical events and happy hours to indulge any appetite, Sound Bites Grill is the perfect joint to knock back a few beers and listen to some good tunes. Make sure you check out their weekly music schedule; you’ll be able to listen to an array of different musical genres. The surrounding Sedona ambiance from the red rocks and calming sunsets makes for the perfect evening at Sound Bites Grill, from throwback tribute bands to local musicians and their guitars.

Music isn’t the only thing that makes Sound Bites Grill a one of a kind place for live performances; their menu items are also something to make some room in your stomach for. With portions for all different appetites, Sound Bites Grill is the perfect place for stuffing your face after a long day of hiking around the Sedona red rocks or grabbing a snack right before you go out for an afternoon of shopping.

For those that are more health-conscious about what you’re eating, soups and salads are readily available. But, if you’re in the mood for something more, Sound Bite Grill’s main course selections range from jumbo Alaskan King Crab legs to grilled Portobello mushroom or baby back ribs.

Between the astounding Sedona views and the fantastic food and tune-filled patios at Sound Bites Grill, you won’t be disappointed no matter who is playing that night.

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