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Top 5 BEST Vegan Restaurants in Sedona

Author 11-20-2020

We know your diet is essential to you. And when in Sedona, it’s nice to feel like you’re eating clean even though you’re on vacation. Sedona has options for all, whether you are a meat-eater, carnivore, salad-indulger, plant-based, vegetarian, or full-fledged vegan, Sedona has the cuisine for you.

Below are some top picks from Sedona tourists and locals alike with dietary restrictions but don’t like to skimp out on the flavor.

ChocolaTree Organic Eatery

Sedona is home to several excellent local restaurants, among them is ChocolaTree Organic Eatery in Sedona, Arizona. This one-of-a-kind eatery is 100% organic, almost exclusively locally sourced, and offers various gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes crafted with locally pasture-raised eggs and cheese.

Located only 3 miles away from Cathedral Rock, ChocolaTree is the perfect restaurant to refuel after a long morning of hiking. The ChocolaTree Organic Eatery in Sedona does everything with the utmost intention. That includes their responsible sourcing of ingredients and sustainable practices to reduce the planet’s impact as possible. A majority of the menu is only seasonal dishes because they attempt to source everything locally, and when they can’t, they get it from the most integral supplier.

On ChocolaTree’s breakfast menu, you’ll find creations such as the Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche, with a crunchy, almond crust and a side of steamed kale for extra energy. If you’re craving something with a more southwestern flair, try the Breakfast Bean Burrito, which can easily be transformed into a vegan dish as well.

Other standout items on ChocolaTree’s Organic Eatery include creations like the unforgettable Sweet Potato Pizza Pie, hearty Corn Chowder, and a flavorful Mushroom Fantasy Burger. Cooks create everything on the menu from scratch, so you can’t go wrong with whatever you decide on the menu.

For dessert, order the Coconut Cream Pie or delectable in-house made Double Chocolate Ganache. After you finish dinner, make sure to pick up some of their handmade chocolates to take home, it’s how they got their start and something you’ll crave long after you’ve returned home from your Sedona escape.

Thai Palace

Interior shot of the Thai Palace in Sedona

Sedona may be in the middle of the desert, but it is one the best places in Arizona to find authentic Thai food; you’ll find one of the best Thai cuisines at Thai Palace in Uptown Sedona. This homey Thai joint serves up all the classic Thai dishes that you know and love and has a cozy patio with total Seonda-vibes.

For over a decade, Uptown Thai in Sedona, Arizona, has been serving visitors and locals alike, some of the best-tasting Thai food in the southwest United States. Thai food is infamously known for being strictly plant-based or vegetarian, making Uptown Thai your oasis for clean eating with tons of bold flavors that leave you begging for more. Uptown Thai also has many dishes with favorable meat-options making the menu friendly enough for any dietary restrictions.

Start with delicious appetizers like Potstickers, stuffed with seasoned ground chicken and spices with a zesty ginger sauce, or a classic Chicken Satay, marinated in authentic yellow curry powder and served with toast. Uptown Thai carries house-made cucumber and peanut sauces that will take your taste buds on a ride. Other delicious appetizers include options like spring rolls and a tangy garlic shrimp.

Some of Uptown Thai’s main entrees include the Thai Palace Salad, some lush mixed-greens with crunchy onions, carrots, and cucumbers, accompanied by tomatoes, mandarin oranges, salty olives, and cabbage with house-made ginger or peanut dressing. Other delicious entrees include a creamy Pineapple Curry with snappy shrimp and your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or tofu. You’ll also discover a drool-worthy lineup of noodle and rice dishes, with everything from the savory Pad See Ew to the sweet and savory Pineapple Fried Rice.

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The Hudson

The hudson restaurant in Sedona

The Hudson in Sedona, Arizona, is one of the most well-known restaurants among locals and tourists. This fantastic restaurant serves up delicious American-style food with finesse, all while providing an unsurpassed view of the Sedona red rocks. Come for the all-American comfort dishes but stay for the spectacular Sedona horizons just outside the window.

While most of the menu does not include a full plant-based, vegan menu, there are many options for substitutions with the occasional plant-based specials on deck for the evening’s menu.

From the start of your culinary experience at The Hudson, enjoy a delicious mixed-green House Salad, littered with fresh and local seasonal veggies. Or try a succulent Roasted Beet Salad, drenched in a honey-dijon glaze dressing. Each salad on their ‘Greens’ menu offers an extra helping of avocado for a small additional price. Every bite is more of an adventure than the last on The Hudson’s menu.

For the Vegetarian at the table, take a look at the delicious Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich. This sandwich is guaranteed to fill you up after a long day of hiking and exploring the Sedona trails. Chefs will stuff this Mushroom Sandwich to the brim with grilled mushrooms, crispy onions, arugula, clover sprouts, avocado, garlic aioli, topped with a fresh bolillo bun.

Desserts at The Hudson are in a league of their own making and include cherry cobbler, bread pudding, and flourless chocolate cake. Your favorite beverage can accompany every meal as The Hudson in Sedona, Arizona, is home to a well-informed wine and beer list and highly-regarded for their take on creative in house-crafted cocktails.

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Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen

Picazzos restaurant in Sedona

When most people think of vegan food their mind instantly goes to vegetables and protein substitutes. Picazzo’s is able to deliver an authentic Italian dining experience with all of the classic dishes you might expect, with an extensive vegan menu. The indoor dining room features tasteful decor and tall ceilings, creating a cozy dining experience. We recommend inquiring about the outdoor seating, especially in November and the cooler months. There’s nothing like gazing at the Sedona night sky with a roaring pit fire at your feet and glass of red wine in your hand.

We could talk forever about how awesome dining at Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen is, but none of our words will do justice to fantastic food and drinks. Their vegan menu alone has well over 30 choices, ranging from classic pasta dishes to some of the best pizza you’ll ever taste. If you’re up for trying something a bit out of the ordinary, try the Vegan Elote pizza. It’s a really unique take on mexican street corn, and can even be made with gluten-free vegan crust.

For those looking for a classic night of wine and pasta dishes, you’ll find plenty of vegan and gluten-free pasta and hot comfort dishes. Vegan twists on classic dishes such as plant-based vegetable lasagna bolognese, chicken picatta, and chicken parmesan and more are all on the menu. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, check out their other pasta dishes like the vegan spicy chipotle chicken, or the vegan yellow thai curry zoodles. You can’t go wrong here for lunch or dinner!

No meal would be complete without a good drink, and Picazzo’s bar has you covered. You’ll find a great selection of red and white wines to suit everyone’s preference, and a great local draft beer selection sure to satisfy any craft beer drinker. There’s also a great mix of hand-crafted cocktails to choose from, ranging from classic drinks to new twists on familiar favorites. If you get the Vegan Elote Pizza, we definitely recommend pairing it with a prickly pair margarita… or two. If you’re staying at a vacation rental in town for the week, make sure to check out their Healthy Hour pricing!

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Creekside Coffee Sedona

Creekside Coffee in Sedona

Since the last 4 options were more traditional restaurants, we wanted to feature something a bit different. If you’re just looking for great coffee, then look no further than Creekside Coffee Sedona. Now, if you’re looking for great coffee, incredible views, and delicious vegan breakfast options to boot – then you need to load up the car and head there right now. The view from the patio at Creekside Coffee is worth the trip by itself, but pair it with a caffeinated beverage and a vegan pastry and you’re in for a real treat.

The coffee that they serve comes from Rattle & Hum Coffee Roasters right here in Sedona, Arizona. Their coffee is second to none, and offers bold flavors that would keep you coming back for more even without the amazing views.

Creekside Coffee also offers live music and events with local artists, musicians, and more. They’re usually very interesting and definitely worth checking out if you’re in town, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.

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