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Courthouse Butte

The Courthouse Butte in Sedona is one of the many breathtaking red rock formations that can be found throughout this area. It located just north of the Village of Oak Creek, and has a summit elevation of 5,454 feet.

You’ll be awed by the iconic landscape feature that is composed of horizontal bed sedimentary rock from the Permian Supai Formation. This massive wall of sedimentary rock rises to just under 1,000 feet in the air, making it one of the most prominent features in the area, and stands among the abundant trees and red rocks of Sedona.

The Courthouse Butte is located a bit off the beaten path to the east of Highway 179, just to the east of Bell Rock, so you can spend a day enjoying both of these amazing features. There are two trailheads that lead you to the base of the butte: one to the south of Bell Rock and one to the north. The hike is 4.5 miles of moderate hiking with a couple of stretches of light stair stepping. The trail branches off into multiple trails so you have many options for exploration.

This is a Sedona landmark that is not to be missed.