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Sedona Arts Center

The Sedona Arts Center is home to the town’s creative soul. It is a wonderful place to experience much of the creative energy that abounds within the city. You will find and experience numerous exhibits that present a beautiful picture of the area. There are a seemingly infinite number of pieces that come from more than 100 local artists. A visit to the arts center is always a unique one because the staff here works tirelessly to cycle through fresh and interesting exhibits that capture some aspect of the culture here, past and present.

On any given day, you can experience Sedona art from the many the permanent exhibits. However, the center is also renowned for the wide array of special events held throughout the year. For example, the bronze casting party is a very popular event. Along with food and wine, attendees can enjoy the bronze casting process during one of Sedona’s famous sunsets.

In order to really soak up something special from your visit, plan it around an event that truly interests you. You can also get involved in a variety of ways like attending art workshops, field expeditions and weekly cases. You can find the Sedona Arts Center in the heart of Sedona just east of the 89A highway.

This is not only an amazing place for those that love art, but anyone who enjoys the beauty of Sedona itself. Visitors are able to experience and engage in various forms of art. Make sure the Sedona Arts Center is a part of your plans the next time you visit Sedona!


15 Art Barn Road, Sedona, (928) 282-3809