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Sedona Heritage Museum

Sedona is a place of great beauty. This beauty manifests itself in many forms, from the incredible wilderness to the amazing history. The massive canyons of red rock often overshadow the history, but there is a rich story to be told here. The Sedona Heritage Museum strives to safeguard the story of the amazing history of this one of a kind place. It is a story that makes the enjoyment of the beauty here even richer.

While the natural processes that manufactured the canyons of red rocks are truly Sedona icons, began about 350 million years ago, the Sedona Heritage Museum focuses on the more recent history of the area dating back to 1876.

You can find this 5-acre museum oasis in uptown Sedona. The museum itself is centered around a Sedona home from the early 20th century. Visitors can see what a home in the beginnings of Sedona looked like, along with a tractor shed, fruit packing shed, and others. Much of the beauty lies within the wilderness of the property, and you will get a sense of the people who first made Sedona home.


735 Jordan Road, Sedona, (928) 282-7038.

Open Daily 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Closed on major holidays

$10 with Audio
$7 Self-Guided
Children (under 13):
$3 with Audio
Free Self-Guided