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Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon in Sedona is one of the greatest testaments to the natural beauty in the area. Spending a day in the canyon will provide one of the most relaxing and blissful days possible.

Sycamore Canyon is the second largest canyon in the Arizona red rock country, after Oak Creek Canyon. The 21-mile long scenic canyon reaches a maximum width of about 7 miles and is a favorite of visitors and locals alike


Sycamore Canyon will make you feel as though it were put there just for you. The seclusion of the area is one of the things that visitors love most about it. If it weren’t for the Grand Canyon, this would be largest canyon in all of Arizona. This massive area is full of true aesthetic beauty and different ways to spend a day in nature. Throughout the 56,000 acres, you will find that the canyon is largely uninhabited by humans, so visitors can enjoy amazing diversity in wildlife, including bird species, fish, and even mountain lions and black bears. Visiting Sycamore Canyon is the way to fully understand and soak up its beauty.

If you are looking for a secluded paradise, then Sycamore Canyon is the place for you. There are no paved roads; no established campgrounds; no buildings and no civilization—just some of the most beautiful wilderness in the country, boasting massive canyons, winding creeks and endless green.

Along the many miles of trails, you will encounter dense forest, gentle streams and secluded pools. Activities include fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, bird watching, swimming and of course, camping.

Location: About 40 southwest of Flagstaff by roads that start paved and get progressively rougher.

Access: You may get to this area from a number of highways and Forest Service roads. Major access points are off Route 66/FR 231, U.S. 89A, and FR’s 152, 152D, 152C, 525, 538E, 538G and 538H.