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Vultee Arch / Vultee Arch Trail

Hiking is one of the main forms of our interaction with nature. This is especially true in the wilderness of Sedona.

The Vultee Arch in Sedona is one of the most amazing features you can find in the area and it is accessible through the Vultee Arch Trail.

The Vultee Arch is a natural bridge stretching about 50 feet above a dry streambed. It is considered one of the most unique attractions in Sedona. You’ll get to the Arch by following the Vultee Arch Trail.

The trail follows Sterling Canyon and the dry streambed at the bottom. For about 2 miles, hikers weave through canyons enjoying rich wildlife, plants, and trees. Much of the trail is coved within high canyon walls, but there are stretches that offer panoramic views of some impressive red rock formations in the distance. These are the perfect places for those water breaks.

The trailhead is about 12 miles west of Sedona, so you are assured of peace and quiet along your travels. You’ll be experiencing the true beauty of the area.