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Epicurean Journey to the Best Restaurants in Sedona AZ

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The joy of vacation is only exceeded by the joy of being able to taste your way through the town you are exploring, and when you choose to make an epicurean journey to Sedona, we at I Love Sedona are standing behind you, forks at the ready, with a guide to the best Sedona restaurants in town! Ok, we won’t actually be joining you at the delicious meals you will be ingesting, we can see where that was a little confusing, but we WILL be showing you all the places we ourselves can eat at without tiring of their meals. Offering a comprehensive listing of cuisines from all nationalities as well as the perfect homes in which you can relax and loosen your belts, your Sedona adventures will be delicious ones that will add to the memories you create in our vacation sanctuaries!

Day 1: Today Is All About Breakfast!

You’ve heard about the difference between the Mexican food in your hometown and what we serve out here, close to the southern border, but did you really believe it could be all that different? This first day in the Sedona will be devoted to Mexican food, with all its spice, heat, and flavors, starting with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. The best part of Mexican food for breakfast is that while most Mexican restaurants are not open for breakfast, nearly every restaurant in Sedona that IS open for breakfast offers something south of the border to delight your tastebuds. Mesa Grill Sedona is the perfect example, located at 1185 Airport Road and offering views of small planes taking off and landing through floor-to-ceiling windows! Their breakfast specials are hearty, delicious, and offer a Southwest flavor that will become your newest obsession, blending the foods of different regions and creating new dishes exuding all your favorite flavors. From their Steak & Green Chili Grits, served with Southern style grits and guacamole that is ALL Mexico, to their simply stunning Breakfast Tacos created with chorizo, eggs, and homemade salsa, even the pickiest eaters will be tempted by the dishes offered here. Any adventures you have from here on out will be easily accomplished after you start your day out fully fueled with the treats offered at Mesa Grill Sedona.

Day 2: Time to Refuel for Lunch!

That hike up Cathedral Rock took a lot out of you, and the chorizo from your morning meal has long since worn off, so lunchtime is the perfect time to check out the best restaurants in Sedona AZ. We will offer a couple of options that can be enjoyed on any day of your travels, not just the second one, and we can guarantee you will become a card-carrying member of the clean plate club with visits to these two places! The Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits, located in the heart of the Uptown Sedona shopping district, is our absolute favorite, providing a mixed menu of grilled foods that will tickle your fancy as it sates your palate. Its wild game dishes, including elk chops and buffalo filets, will bring you back to a simpler time in American’s lives, when food was hunted and gathered. For a strictly Southwestern adventure, be sure and try their Cactus Fries, which consists of deep fried nopalitos cactus strips served with a prickly pear cactus sauce. And because we understand your addiction to authentic Mexican food is complete, we also recommend a visit to Tortas de Fuego with locations in Oak Creek Village, and West Sedona. Serving Mexican style sandwiches filled with heat and flavor, you may look in askance at your own turkey sandwiches forevermore!

Day 3: The Dinner Bell Is Ringing

Whether you are seeking a romantic dinner under the stars on the patio at Elote Café or are seeking a casual exploration of American, Japanese, and Mexican cuisines at Shorebird Sedona, these two restaurants are sure to have what you seek, especially after a day of horseback riding through the red rocks. Elote, owned and operated by our hometown hero, is located at 350 Jordan Road, providing an innovative twist on the Mexican favorites we grew up on. Local Celeb Chef Jeff Smedstadt is known for closing down shop every year and traveling south of the border to find new inspiration for his menu, and his featured recipes never fail to amaze. Shorebird Sedona, located at 150 AZ-179, presents a truly stunning and adventuresome menu filled with sushi, seafood, and taco platters to die for. Their brunch menu is definitely something you should explore, especially the part with the Mimosa Special and Knife & Fork Burrito!

Every Meal Will Be Your Favorite

As you take clues from the foods you are trying all over Sedona, creating your own masterpieces at home with I Love Sedona may end up being your favorite meals of all time. Reserve your favorite sanctuary today!