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When you’re fortunate enough to have time to spare in the name of a great getaway, heading to Sedona for some well-earned rest, relaxation, and fun is always a good idea! This scenic and endlessly inviting vacation destination is a fantastic place to explore the great outdoors, make the most of shopping and dining, and equally as suitable for simply sitting back and soaking up the sights that await. No matter what it is that’s on your itinerary, getting the inside scope on all of the best locations, activities, and attractions is a good way to elevate your stay and make the most of your time here. Here, you’ll find information on everything there is to know and love about Sedona from the best way to get around to the top activities to try out while you’re in town. There’s also plenty to learn about the history of Sedona, the best times of year to travel this way according to your interests, and some fun facts you may not have known before. Happy travels!