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Top Reasons to Visit Sedona for your Next Vacation

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With a thriving arts community, an abundance of scenic outdoor destinations, and districts loaded up with wonderful restaurants and stores, Sedona has endless hours of entertainment for visitors and locals alike. While you’re planning to visit Sedona, there are definitely a few prime locations you’ll want to see, especially if this is your first time, or even if you’re returning and just haven’t seen it all yet.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village

With some of the finest restaurants in town, and plenty of unique goods created by skilled artisans, Tlaquepaque is an absolute can’t miss destination for any Sedona visitor. You’ll love visiting the different restaurants here, especially since they run the spectrum of casual to fancy, so there’s something for every mood.

Artists and craftsmen also have stores here where you can find some unique items that you might want to bring home with you. Even if you aren’t shopping around, it’s worth looking at some of the incredible creations. When events are being held, they’ll often take place in the plaza, so you can easily spend a lot of time here.

Prime Nature Walks and Hiking at Red Rocks State Park and Beyond

One of the premier attractions in the Sedona area is all of the different trails and scenic vistas courtesy of the gorgeous red rock formations that helped grow the town into the tourism hub it is today. If you enjoy spending any time outdoors at all, you’re practically guaranteed to find a trail that you like, especially since you’ll find options that will appease hikers of all experience levels. Enjoy both soothing walks and challenging rock climbs all within a relatively short drive.

Visit Uptown Sedona

Sporting some of the finest restaurants and shops all within a compact area that’s easy to walk, uptown Sedona is a great spot to spend your afternoon or evening. There is absolutely something for everyone here, especially if you enjoy the arts, because many of the stores in this part of town have supply shops, collectibles, galleries, and so much more. When you’ve had your fill of the shopping, be sure to try one of the great restaurants that help make Sedona special.

First Fridays in the Art Galleries

You’ve no doubt noticed there’s a pattern with Sedona having one of the best art communities in the state, and perhaps the best way to witness some unique arts and performances is during First Friday. If you’re in town for the first Friday of any month, you’ll be treated to a wealth of creatives honing their craft in public, and the town gets pretty lively for the whole thing. You’ll be able to get your hands on drinks and snacks while you walk the town and get a chance to ask the artists about their work.

Sedona’s Top Attractions Are Waiting for You

There’s still many more reasons to visit Arizona waiting out there for you to find on your adventure to Sedona, but hopefully, some of these suggestions will help give you an idea of what’s waiting for you. Whatever your choice, you’ll always have a great home waiting for you when it’s time to turn in. Get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to match you with the perfect Sedona vacation home.