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Guys’ Trips to Sedona Arizona

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If you have been scrolling through our I Love Sedona website, you may have noticed an earlier article in which we extolled the virtues of a girls’ journey to Sedona, and if you are of the male persuasion, you may have wondered to yourself, what would it be like to enjoy a guys’ journey to the red rocks? Have no fears that we would leave you out, our masculine friends from all over the country, as today we have created this guide to a guys’ trip to Sedona Arizona that will make sure you and your pals can experience the best of our Southwestern town while giving you a truly wonderful bonding experience!

Day 1: A Hike to Remember

After flying or driving many miles from all corners of the nation, you may be feeling the need to get outside and walk off the stiffness, and Sedona offers many hiking trails that will enable you to do just that. First though, we are going to grab a breakfast burrito from Café Jose Restaurant, located at 2370 AZ-89A #1. Offering a tasty and filling way to start out every day for over two decades, this casual establishment is where you will often find Sedona residents beginning their days! Be sure to carb up for this day of adventure because we are leading our guy guests towards the trails that are the hardest but where the rewards will be highest. Starting with the Bear Mountain Trail, a 4.8-mile one (in and out) with an elevation gain of over 2000 feet, the views along the way will help distract you from your pains, especially as you climb higher into the sky. If you are on a fall or winter trip to Sedona, you may want to bring a jacket because it can get cold and blustery at the top and be sure that the shoes you wear provide good traction, because some areas of the hike offer a sheer ascent (and later descent!) that could be dangerous without proper footwear. If you really want to show your strength, the 11.6-mile Wilson Peak Trail just outside of Sedona proper offers a nearly 3000-foot gain in elevation and can take up to 6+ hours to complete, so it is definitely quite an investment of your time. No matter which trail you decide to initiate your Sedona visit with, however, stop in the Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits for dinner and conquer your ravenous appetite with a bison ribeye steak cooked to the temperature you prefer!

Day 2: All the Fun You Can Have on Two Wheels

The weather in Sedona is pretty awesome year-round, so we can be pretty sure that you will want to spend most of your time outside exploring the rugged beauty of our landscape, and mountain biking is one of those adventures that never loses it luster! Starting with a meal at the Coffee Pot Restaurant, home to over 100 omelets, just as with your hike the day before, there are multiple biking trails you can choose from, but today we will focus on just one. Your second stop, however, will be at Thunder Mountain Bikes, 1695 W State Route 89A, because we seriously doubt there was room in your carry-ons for a mountain bike, and this awesome establishment just doesn’t sell them, it rents them and all the gear you might need as well.

Once properly equipped, let’s turn our car in the direction of West Sedona, where the most difficult and most exciting trail awaits your explorations, Diamondback Gulch OHV #9513! Taking up 6.1 miles of prime red rock landscape and offering a mild climb of only 345 feet, by the end of the day, you will be ready for another good steak and maybe a soak in the hot tub that may be resting on the back porch of your escape. There aren’t any butcher shops in the area, but the local Safeway sells prime steaks, if you want to pick up a few for the grill that is also in the backyard!

Day 3: Time Flies in Sedona

And just like that we have reached the last day of your Western adventures in Sedona, but you still have plenty of time to play before you have to board the plane tomorrow. Today may be more loosely scheduled than the first two. You can explore the local shops, (souvenirs for the partners and children left behind are a definite necessity) perhaps stopping in Buck Thornton’s World of Jerky for some exotic meat jerky. Maybe instead of shopping or hanging out downtown, you will take today to explore the amenities of your Sedona sanctuary, playing pool in ones with pool tables, hanging out by the pool in homes with swimming pools, or watching the big game on the big screen television of the living room. Ending the day and your stay with a night out at Mooney’s Irish Pub & Burger Bar, promises to close out your adventures on a high note. Reserve your favorite I Love Sedona escape and plan a trip to Sedona today!