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Hiking Journey to the Best Hikes in Sedona

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As you begin packing for your upcoming vacation to Sedona, we at I Love Sedona have a few hints and tips as to what you should add to your luggage. Start with sunscreen, (The Arizona sun shines brighter than you might think!) casual clothes, and maybe a jacket for a winter trip, but we also want to make sure you don’t forget your hiking shoes! The magic of Sedona is best experienced from the land itself, and your journey to enjoy the best hikes in Sedona promises to be one you never forget. This guide to a hiking journey you will wish never had to end will give you something to look forward to in the days leading up to your Arizona adventure of a lifetime!

Day 1: Feel the Magic

This morning, your first full day in the land of red rocks stretches out before you in an endless array of hours and possibility. But first, breakfast, as you are going to need your energy for the miles you will have to walk, and although you could fix something right here in the fully equipped kitchen your sanctuary provides, your excitement to get out and explore may just lead you to the Coffee Pot Restaurant. Lying in the shadows of Coffee Pot Rock, their menu filled with 101 omelets will definitely prepare you for your hiking adventures, the first of which will actually bring you closer to the rock structure for which this restaurant is named!

Relatively short and easy enough for young hikers to conquer, the Coffee Pot Trail is the perfect jumping off point for your adventures, lasting just 2.7 miles and offering a minimal gain in elevation. There will be a few different junctions with lead offs to other trails but stay focused on the Coffee Pot and keep marching forward. When you reach the rock, you have the choice of standing in the shadow of the spout of Coffee Pot or continuing your climb up the Sedona trails that lead to the top where the views will take your breath away! This hike is a short one, perhaps serving as a warm up for the days that lie ahead, and when you return back to your car, you might want to stop by the Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits for a lunch break before hitting the shops that line the streets of uptown Sedona. On your second night in town, a meal at Oaxaca, a local Mexican restaurant that has been a town tradition for more than a few decades will provide the perfect ending to your day!

Day Two: Prepare to Sweat

We took it easy on you for the first day, wanting to make sure that you would conserve your energy so as to be able to enjoy three days filled with the best hikes in Sedona, but day two will definitely help you break a sweat, even in the cooler days of winter! Today’s breakfast will be enjoyed at the Red Rock Café, a hidden gem located inside a strip mall and serving Southwestern style breakfasts that will introduce you to a love of spice and maybe even heat.

After breakfast, we are going to begin one of the most popular hikes in Sedona, another short trail but one that is filled with many rewards, including the opportunity to experience your first vortex. Cathedral Rock and its 1-mile-long trail offers the strongest vortex in Sedona, and as you scramble up the rocks and stand at the apex with mouth ajar, staring at the views you will never ever forget, the peace you feel in your soul will perhaps be fed by the vortex. If you believe in the powers of meditation, this is where the powers will be strongest and even though this is a relatively simple hike, we can assure you its impact will be the greatest.

After the hike has been completed, why not head back to your I Love Sedona haven and explore the amenities found therein? If the home you rented has a hot tub, you can soak tired muscles and our homes with pools will be much appreciated on the hottest days of the year! A family barbecue might be just the meal you prefer on this beautiful evening in our red rock village and most homes will offer a grill to allow you to do just that.

Day 3: That Went Fast!

Before you know it, the last full day of your Sedona adventures arrives, bringing a sense of sadness that your fun times are soon coming to an end. Today’s breakfast may consist of nothing more than a sweet and delicious donut purchased from our locally owned Sedonuts, but only because you are in a hurry to start your adventures! Today, we are giving you options for which Sedona trails you want to accomplish, choosing between the 2-mile-long trail that leads to the Birthing Cave, the 2-to-4-mile trail to Devil’s Bridge, or the most strenuous of hikes, the 5-mile Bear Mountain hike! The last trail offers an ascent of over 1800 feet, taking hikers into the clouds, and offering stunning views, while the Birthing Cave trail provides a bit of history, telling the story of how the Hopi sent their pregnant women to this spot to give birth. Devil’s Bridge may be the most popular hike in Sedona, also offering incredible views and a chance to take photos that will definitely be frame worthy!

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