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Journey to Enjoy Shopping in Sedona

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There are a lot of reasons you may be planning a vacation in Sedona, everything from wanting to see the landscapes that were in your favorite Westerns to wanting to stand in the shadow of the red rocks and feel the vibrations emitted from the vortexes that dot the area, or maybe you just want to experience a climate that is totally unlike anything you have ever experienced. All of these are quite valid reasons for vacationing in our red rock town, but there is something else that makes Sedona stand out for you, encouraging you to make your escape to the mountains one that is slightly different than any other. We are talking about the opportunities for shopping that you can have in our mountain town that offers an endless array of shops, boutiques, and stores for your perusing pleasures! This guide to a journey to enjoy shopping in Sedona, one in which you will end every night storing your treasures in the closets of our I Love Sedona sanctuaries, may encourage you to start saving up your pennies.

Day 1: Uptown Sedona Awaits

We will be dividing this shopping in Sedona itinerary into specific regions or categories, enabling guests to stay close to home if they choose while they shop ‘til they drop! Your first day in town is often the most exciting one, as you spend a little time getting to know your vacation escape and enjoying a taste of the town, experiencing foods you may not have tried before, this first day we will start with a hearty breakfast at Sedona Crepes Bistro at 164 Coffee Pot Drive. Serving crepes that are both sweet (Their Nutella crepes taste like the ones you may have enjoyed during your Paris honeymoon!) and savory, (Their chorizo crepes blend the cuisine of both France and Mexico.) we can promise that no one will leave hungry.

Next, with your belly full and wearing your most comfortable walking shoes, it is time to explore the treasures that await in the best gift shops in Sedona in uptown. Explore the businesses in the Sedona Center, finding gifts for your grandmother at the colorful and aromatic Sedona Candle Magic, or picking up a little something shiny that presents the spirit of the Southwest at Native Jewelry of Sedona. Canyon Breeze Restaurant offers a great place to enjoy a midday break, allowing guests to dine in the shadows of the red rocks and ensuring that no unnecessary steps must be taken before and after. And as you dip in and out of stores such as Cactus Joes, Little Tibet, and Kokopelli Dreams in Sinagua Plaza, your legs may tire out long before your credit cards do! Ending the day with a quiet dinner on the patio of your Sedona sanctuary and a soak in the hot tub will help give you the energy you need for the next day’s adventures.

Day 2: The Thrill of Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village is one of our favorite shopping centers, located in a walled community that is filled with the magic of our town and offering so many shops and restaurants that you would actually need more than a day to get through them all. Built in the 1970s but offering a spirit that feels much older, your day at Tlaquepaque starts with breakfast in the garden at the Secret Garden Café. Serving foods that are locally sourced and with very little preservatives, we have never had a meal we haven’t loved there, but we 100% recommend their Garden’s World Famous Deep Dish Quiche, filled with enough protein to keep your energy levels high during your exploration of the shops and galleries.

After breakfast, you may choose to divide and conquer, allowing your traveling companions to visit the boutiques of Tlaquepaque (Just Us Girls for clothing or Red Canyon Collections for jewelry) while you visit the art galleries for which this site is known! Carre D’Artistes features a permanent collection of art created by over 600 artists from all over the world, while Azadi Navajo Rugs brings your eye down to earth with their collection of colorful Navajo rugs created by local weavers. Eclectic Image Gallery sells photography, Kuivato Glass Gallery is, of course, a merchant of art glass, and the Mountain Trails Gallery is devoted Western art. Be sure to check out the upscale cuisine of Rene at Tlaquepaque for lunch or dinner and explore the treasures offered at Feliz Navidad, a Christmas store that is open year-round before heading back to your vacation haven!

Day 3: The Metaphysical Side of Sedona

Magic is very much alive in Sedona, and many of the shops and stores represent that magic with a taste of the metaphysical! On your third and final day in Sedona, starting out your day with a breakfast at home will give you more time to find the stones and crystals that will speak to your soul as they change your life, and our fully equipped kitchens make meal prep a joy. After the last of your homemade omelets have been devoured, it will be time to find the magic you seek, starting in stores such as Peace Place Gifts, Sedona Crystal Vortex, and Sacred Elements of Sedona, all shops offering an innovative way to look at life. Peace Place Gifts is also the main Reiki Center of Sedona, providing training to up and coming Reiki therapists, and Sedona Crystal Vortex is known for selling crystals that are charged by the energy of local vortexes. Every shop in Sedona, whether in Uptown, West Sedona, or even Oak Creek Village, is sure to be neighbors with a crystal or rock shop, allowing visitors to explore the metaphysical world as they shop to their heart’s content. Ending your last day in Sedona with a fine meal may be the best way to say farewell, and here to you have a choice. Tii Gavo (meaning Gathering Place), Elote Café (named after a popular street food in Mexico), or Cress on Oak Creek (the focus of which is food and romance) are all great choices!

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