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Guide to Sedona in Fall

Also known as the Red Rock Country, Sedona is a desert town in northern Arizona. As the fall temperatures begin to fall drastically, leaves change their color. The orange and yellow pigment against the red rock formations create a picturesque scenario, something unique to Sedona. Though this desert town is an all-season destination, the fall vibes hit differently. Here is what to expect from a fall in Sedona vacation.

Grand Canyon Tour

With the extreme summer heat already fading away, fall temperatures make it easy for you to spend more time outdoors. The legendary Grand Canyon is essentially your first stop. It is a short drive from Sedona but worth it all. Extending up to 277 miles long, Grand Canyon is a geological masterpiece worth witnessing. Seeing how the Colorado River bends through the canyon is a true Sedona experience by itself. The Grand Canyon tour entails more than just the geological aspect. Not far from the depression are several desert view watchtowers that are part of the history of the place. You can spend a good part of your day exploring the canyon and experience all it has to offer.

Slide Rock State Park Experience

Slide Rock State Park is one of Arizona’s most frequented places for a reason. It is a recreation hotspot for all your late summer vibes. At the heart of the Slide Rock experience is a swimming hole located at the bottom end of the rocks. After exploring the rocky terrain, you can walk down to the swimming hole for a well-deserved dip. The cool waters are a great way to soak up the desert’s unrelenting heat. Inside the park is an apple orchard where you are invited to pick fruits directly from the trees. Apple picking is such a big deal in this part of Arizona to the extent that there is a festival set aside for it. Here, you are allowed to pick as many apples as your stomach can accommodate. Plan your Sedona vacation such that it aligns with the Slide Rock Apple Festival. The entertainment and games at the festival are a great way to spend your fall in Sedona.

Outdoor Wining and Dining

There’s more to Sedona than just geological features. Food adventure is a crucial part of your Arizona vacation. The area serves almost every bit of global cuisine. If your taste is Chinese, there are multiple Chinese restaurants. The same case applies to American, Japanese, and most importantly Mexican dishes. Ordering a wood-roasted chicken spiced with earthly spices like lemon and rosemary is an excellent way to get in touch with the Southwestern culture of Arizona.

The Verde Valley region of Sedona has made a name for itself as a winery hotbed. From extensive vineyards to wineries themselves, you can already tell what to expect from this part of the world. You will be shocked by how deep the winery culture in the valley is. Among the key wineries to incorporate into your Sedona in Fall experience is the Arizona Stronghold. This winery offers some of the best wines in the larger Arizona. You can order your favorite bottle with a skewer of choice for a perfect pair. Alcantara Vineyard and Oak Creek Vineyards are other showstopping wineries you can explore. At the end of it all, nothing beats the satisfaction of sipping your favorite wine while enjoying such beautiful desert views.

Best Months to Visit

Fall is virtually the shortest season of the year. It is more of an extension of the summer, thus the name late summer. With just two months, it should not be that difficult for you to settle for a particular time to visit Arizona. It’s either you pick October or November. October is arguably the most convenient of the two for different reasons. Temperatures during Sedona in fall rarely go beyond 25 degrees and not below 9 degrees. Such temperatures create the ideal conditions for an outdoor experience. 25 is not so high for a daytime hiking experience. Same way, nine is not too low for a camp night. November tends to be a bit chilly but can also be an option in case your October is preoccupied with work.

Book Your Sedona Vacation Rental

Visiting Sedona in late summer is a good strategy to beat crowds and the unrelenting hot weather. After a day of hiking through the red rock formations, you will need a comfortable place to rest and prepare for another day’s adventure. What’s your description of an ideal holiday home? Whether you are a pool lover or you are going for scenic views, our team at I Love Sedona has it all. You can as well bring your pet because we have pet-friendly rentals just for you. We will be happy to handle your housing needs as you focus on the adventurous part of your vacation. Contact us today for all your Sedona holiday accommodation needs.