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Guide to Sedona in Spring

There’s never a specific time to visit Sedona, as the area is always interesting all year round. This Arizona desert town boasts a unique blend of modern bustle mixed with antique storage of art in diverse forms. The artistic touch is evident all around the area, making Sedona a vibrant arts hub for art lovers and the general public. Apart from the unique art culture, Sedona experiences a favorable climate for outdoor adventures making it a tourist attraction throughout the year. Honestly, there’s never an exact time to visit this desert gem. However, if you’re planning to explore Sedona in spring, brace yourself for a much more exhilarating outdoor experience. Here’s why and how.

Hike the Outdoors

Sedona is famous for its stunning outlying natural attractions set perfectly on the outskirts of the town. These natural features offer the perfect grounds for outdoor adventures that aim to indulge your sense of wonder, leaving you marveling and longing for more. Tourists brave the area’s challenging terrains to experience several of these outdoor activities. Hiking the town’s famous Red Rocks Canyon is one of these adventurous ventures that’ll get you up and running while you’re here. Well-maintained trekking trails wind through this attraction, taking you past distinct vegetation and great sceneries. The routes are ideal for different hikers ranging from novices to experts.

To embark on your hiking, start at the Red Rock State Park trailhead, a slightly manageable trail for beginners. If you don’t fancy an easy route, take Schnebly Hill Road. Unlike the former, the latter boasts a more challenging rugged trail, which ultimately makes up for a thrill-seeking affair.

Bike on the Terrain

Mountain biking the rugged terrain of Sedona can be extremely challenging for beginners and experts alike. Ironically, this difficulty attracts more mountain bikers to the area than projected. Every year numerous bikers visit Sedona to take up these tricky terrain conditions venturing across the rugged landscape to challenge and improve their skills. Going by the constant visits to the area by mountain bikers, Sedona is the ultimate destination for the perfect spring in Sedona getaway if you’re a mountain biking enthusiast. In case you’re not an enthusiast but you somehow want to try this extreme sport, worry not, as Sedona has numerous bike rental companies. These outfitters rent out bikes and gear while offering tours and guides for first-time mountain bikers.

Jeep Tours

Jeep is arguably the best off-roading brand in the world. As much as it’s still a debatable subject, touring the offroad with a Jeep is an exhilarating experience that leaves you thrilled and excited for more. Given the rugged landscape that surrounds Sedona, it comes as no surprise why Jeep tours are common in this area. The vehicles take you on a bumpy ride through the winding terrains of the fabled Red Rocks Canyon. You’re likely to come across local wildlife as you take on the offroad. If you’re courageous enough or hellbent on having a more fun off-roading experience, you can take a self-guided Jeep tour to the magnificent Grand Canyon couple of miles from Sedona.

Views from Above

The road is not the only way to explore the striking outdoor scenery of Sedona. You can also marvel at this landscape from above through a sightseeing tour by air. There are two ways to enjoy a bird’s eye view of these magnificent geological elements that have stood the test of time, leaving behind wowing aftermath. One of the most sought-after ways of sightseeing by air is through air ballooning. The other way is by taking thrilling helicopter rides, which might be costly compared to air ballooning. Regardless of your preference, majestic canyon views still abound for you. You can either take the early morning tours or the late evening rides. Either way, the different sets of conditions on both tours offer the best captured moments on camera.

Explore the Art Scene

Sedona is famous for being an arts haven. The multiple art galleries sprawling this Arizona desert gem are a firm testament to that. Over 70 art galleries and shops display the region’s unique charm in diverse manners. You can set aside some time while at Sedona, preferably a day or two, and traverse the town by foot to marvel and learn more about its history displayed in the galleries. You can either do this alone or enlist in one of the many art tours that take tourists through Sedona’s top art institutions. The guided tours ensure you experience the varied art touch abundant in the different parts of the town, from uptown to downtown. Alternatively, you can decide to mosey around the town and check out the prevalent public art across the town. Experience the skillfulness of sculptors displayed by the detailed sculptures lying across Sedona.

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