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Guide to Sedona in Winter

Tired of the overcrowding associated with modern-day tourist destinations? Visiting Sedona during winter is an excellent way to beat the crowds without taking away the fun. You have all the desert to yourself. Sedona is a laidback city in the American Southwest known for the gorgeous red rocks and a lot of wild to explore. Even with dipping temperatures, Sedona has a lot more to offer for a fun-filled vacation. Here’s what winter in Sedona looks like.

Best Time to Visit

Sedona is an all-season tourist destination. However, the winter season is packaged differently. Winter temperatures in this region tend to span from early December down to late February. With temperatures dipping as low as one-degree Celsius, you need to be mentally prepared for the Sedona winter experience. Though it is highly regarded as the slow season, expect quite some traffic in December because of the Christmas festivities. If you are the kind of person that likes moving with crowds, then December is the best option for you. On the other hand, January is the slowest month of the season. With kids reporting to school and most people going back to their offices, the traffic during this time is low. You will have all the vast desert to enjoy.  

Top Activities to Consider

Winter in Sedona is nothing like the ordinary seasons. Temperatures are dipping drastically and the body is in a rush to hibernate. The region experiences up to 11 inches of snow every year. Even with such conditions, there are a lot of winter activities to make your Arizona stay worthwhile.

Experience Sedona’s Jeep® Tours

You all know a Jeep® Wrangler as that luxury 4×4 car popular among the elites and off-roaders. But Sedona has a different story to tell about them. Jeep®s are used to take you on scenic tours. The use of this particular model is a marketing genius you will adore. The car’s offroad capabilities make it easy for you to maneuver difficult terrains down to Sedona’s lowland deserts. Each ride has a designated tour guide to help you understand each segment of the Red Rock formations. Tag your camera to capture those valuable moments deep in the desert. If you are an adrenaline junkie, there is one more adventure to improve the desert thrill. It involves riding on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). ATVs offer a customized experience of the Arizona desert. The three-hour tour aboard the ATV reveals some of the desert’s hidden spots that have been previously used to shoot movie scenes.

Dine in the Desert

Dining is a crucial part of the Sedona Arizona winter experience. Even with the reduced activity, the culture of the area still holds constant. The area around Sedona harbors multiple restaurants, each of them serving a wide array of foods. From the infamous rattlesnake sausage and woodfire pizzas to signature smoked brisket enchiladas, the list is virtually endless. Even with ready accommodation in Sedona, not all days that you will be in the mood of cooking. The multiple restaurants in the area are such a mood saver. Each eatery in the area offers a different kind of vibe. The Golden Goose American Grill, for example, is a good place for steak and seafood. It is the best place to cure your appetite for nicely made steak. When you want to keep it Mexican, Elote Café comes to your rescue. Fine Chinese dining is also an option here. With establishments such as Szechuan Restaurant, you have lots of sushi to explore. In a nutshell, food is a crucial component of the Sedona winter vacation with enough eateries to back it up.

Where to Stay in Sedona

If you are visiting winter in Sedona, you will for sure need a good place to call home. Our properties are designed to be more than holiday homes. From the elegantly designed living rooms to state-of-the-art kitchens, the modern touch in our properties is all you need.

Our homes are designed to cater to all your vacation needs. The pre-installed hot water tubs are a great way to rejuvenate after a day of hiking in the canyon. Similarly, some of our properties are fitted with pools for maximum relaxation. Get in touch with our team today to book your Sedona vacation rental.