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Bell Rock Loop

Bell Rock Loop Trail Fast Facts

Length: 2.2 miles

Elevation gain: 230 ft

Type: Loop

Dogs: Yes, on a leash

Approximate time to hike: 2-3 hours

Good for Instagram photos? As one of the most iconic formations in Sedona, this hike makes for the picture-perfect post.

Bell Rock Loop Trail

About the Bell Rock Loop Trail Hike

As one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable red rock formations in Sedona, Bell Rock Loop Trail is one of Sedona’s must-see hikes. Offering incredible views of Bell Rock along the way, the Bell Rock Loop trail winds you all the way around the breathtaking formation. The trail is well-marked, though there are several other trail markers along the way, making it easy for you to veer off onto another Bell Rock trail.

If hiking around Bell Rock isn’t enough to satisfy your inner thrill seeker, don’t worry! For the more adventurous hiker, we recommend making the climb up to Bell Rock. There is no set trail to the top, you’ll have to rely on worn sandstone from previous hikers, or follow someone else who is making their way up. It’s a challenge that most hikers will steer clear of, but is very rewarding for those with the experience to make it to the top.

How to Hike Bell Rock Loop in Sedona

If you’re in Sedona or the Village of Oak Creek, Drive north on Highway 170, just past the Bell Rock Formation. You’ll see an entrance to the Courthouse Vista parking lot, which is where you can park for any of the Bell Rock trails, including Bell Rock Loop. Parking costs $5, unless you have an America the Beautiful pass displayed in your vehicle.

The Bell Rock Loop trail itself is well-marked, making the trail easy to follow for the most part. There are some sections with less signs, and it’s easy to wander off down the wrong path. It’s not the end of the world though, as there are several trails around Bell Rock. We recommend downloading a map beforehand, so you can be sure that you’re on the right path.


Quick Tips to Hike Bell Rock Loop

  • Shade can be few and far between on this trail, so be sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection.
  • This hike is amazing at sunset, but be sure to bring a headlamp along with you if you plan on visiting late in the afternoon.
  • There are restrooms on site, so don’t worry about drinking too much water before you head out.


Photography Pro Tips

While this is almost always the case when it comes to Sedona hiking trails, it is extra true in this case; bring a wide-angle lens or a smartphone with a panoramic camera mode. You’ll be up close and personal with the enormous & majestic Bell Rock, and you’ll need a wide angle to capture its full glory. Bonus Tip: head out on the trail close to sunet, and watch the sun go down behind Bell Rock. Your Instagram feed will thank you!

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