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Top 5 Sedona Wildlife Watching Spots

When it’s time to get out of town and enjoy a great vacation, there’s no place on the map quite like Sedona, Arizona. This scenic and inviting destination is a great place to check out restaurants, make time for shopping, and sightsee from a long list of admirable landmarks too. Of course, for the wildlife enthusiast, Sedona also has plenty to offer in the way of captivating creatures to observe. The following are the top five Sedona wildlife watching spots that you’ll want to be sure to add to your itinerary when you’re excited to get out into nature and see what’s waiting for you. From large animals and birds to creatures that slither along the desert landscape, Sedona offers up an abundance in the way of amazing animals to admire.

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Sycamore Wilderness

When you can’t wait to get into nature and enjoy some spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities too, Sycamore Wilderness Canyon is the perfect spot to explore during your Sedona adventures. This wilderness area hosts the state’s second-largest canyon in all of red rock country and was designated as protected land in 1972. A visit here puts visitors up close to nearly 50,000 acres of nature complete with colorful cliffs, pinnacles, and a rare desert riparian habitat.

Across Sycamore Wilderness, visitors will have a chance to spot everything from mountain lions and ringtail cats to black bears, javelina, canyon wrens, and hermit thrushes too. With more than 15 trails to explore throughout, a single day of wildlife spotting here might not be enough to make the most of the experience.

Seven Sacred Pools

If you’re the type of traveler that prefers their wildlife viewing opportunities to lean more towards the reptile and amphibian way of life, a hike to Sedona’s Seven Sacred Pools is a must while you’re in town! This scenic destination is accessible via Soldier’s Pass and is a 1.1-mile trail that follows a lush river and much as the name indicates, leads to a collection of captivating pools to enjoy at the end. Within the pools, visitors will likely be able to spot tadpoles. Along the route leading to the water, keep your eyes open for lizards amongst the many wildflowers that line the desert path. This is a route you’re going to want to have your camera ready for.

Munds Wagon Trail

Hiking is a well-loved and popular activity in Sedona with good reason. The dynamic landscape offers up beautiful moments of observation and sometimes, getting up close on foot is the best way to take it all in. Munds Wagon Trail remains one of the most inviting treks to experience for the terrain that awaits as well as viewing opportunities for wildlife in Sedona Arizona. Munds Wagon Trail is a historic cattle route near Mitten Ridge accessible off of Schnebly Hill Road. While the Merry-Go-Rock rock formations that adorn this trail are sure to tantalize the senses, it’s also a place where hikers can view lizards and sand snakes in their comfortable habitats.

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Sedona Wetlands Preserve

Located at 7500 AZ-89A, the Sedona Wetlands Preserve is a pristine piece of protected land that offers up much in the way of wildlife viewing when you’re in the area. Found between mile markers 365 and 366, the Sedona Wetlands Preserve covers more than 27 acres of land and includes six basins in total. The lush terrain that makes up this area makes it a prime destination for birding when you’re in Sedona. Some of the most commonly spotted species among the landscape include geese, swans, ducks, northern shovelers, buffleheads, quail, loons, herons, spoonbills, vultures, ospreys, and eagles just to name a few. Keep your eyes on the sky and don’t forget your binoculars for this exciting stop!

Red Rocks State Park

Covering 286 acres of land, Red Rocks State Park in Sedona is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in the area as well as a prime location for enjoying Sedona wildlife viewing in abundance. Between the canyons and colorful cliffsides that beckon to travelers from near and far, wildlife enthusiasts will find this is a great spot to observe everything from mule deer and javelinas to coyotes, bobcats, lizards, blacktail rattle snacks, and more. While mule deer can be spotted in the park year-round, birding is an exciting seasonal event that brings new species depending on the season and point of migration.

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