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Chapel of the Holy Cross

The iconic Chapel of the Holy Cross is perhaps the most recognized landmark within Sedona. Built to a dual pinnacled spur, about 250 feet high, and extending out a thousand foot rock wall, the chapel is said to be as “solid as the rock of Peter”, and this unique Catholic Church will put its visitors “close to the heavens.” Built in 1956, it is also considered a vortex site and the visuals created by this church rising out of the Sedona red rocks never fails to amaze. The Chapel was inspired and commissioned by local rancher and sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude. Originally it was to be built in Budapest in 1932; however, due to World War II, the effort was thwarted. Staude then decided to build the project in her native home land of Arizona. The chapel is now considered on of the top attractions in the U.S. The Chapel is open seven days a week 9 a.m to 5 p.m.; closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

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Exposures International Art Gallery

Not many art galleries can truly complement the beautiful geographical setting and desert climes of Sedona, like Exposures Art Gallery. The gallery is one of the largest fine art galleries in the world, and has a reputation as a national trendsetter. When visiting Exposures International Gallery, you will find a diverse collection of art to include amazing sculptures, paintings, jewelry and glass art pieces. The gallery boasts and impressive 20,00 square feet of display space to bring every art style from classical to contemporary. You will find extraordinary works of art by some of the most famous artists from around the world.

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Sedona Arts Center

The Sedona Arts Center is home to the town’s creative soul. It is a wonderful place to experience much of the creative energy that abounds within the city. You will find and experience numerous exhibits that present a beautiful picture of the area. There are a seemingly infinite number of pieces that come from more than 100 local artists. A visit to the arts center is always a unique one because the staff here works tirelessly to cycle through fresh and interesting exhibits that capture some aspect of the culture here, past and present.

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Sedona Heritage Museum

You can find this 5-acre museum oasis in uptown Sedona. The museum itself is centered around a Sedona home from the early 20th century. Visitors can see what a home in the beginnings of Sedona looked like, along with a tractor shed, fruit packing shed, and others. Much of the beauty lies within the wilderness of the property, and you will get a sense of the people who first made Sedona home.

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