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Thunder Mountain Bikes

Photo Credit: Thunder Mountain Bikes

There are many ways to explore Sedona Arizona, and one of our favorites is to get out on a mountain bike! Sedona has over 250 miles of mountain bike trails, weaving in and out of red rock landscapes. Mountain biking has grown in popularity over the years, enabling adventure seekers the ability to cover more ground compared to hiking. And these days, mountain bikes aren’t the same old bikes we rode as kids. These are advanced machines with big tires and Jeep® style suspension, making it possible to safely navigate through the rocky terrain. This would have been near impossible back in the old days of biking! The best way to get set up on one of these new style mountain bikes, is to visit Thunder Mountain Bikes!

Who Are They?

Thunder Mountain Bikes is more than just your typical bike shop, they are built to help you ride Sedona. Specializing in mountain bike rentals, trail advice, mountain bike gear, and Sedona apparel, they have everything needed for your mountain bike adventure. Since they opened back in 2011, they have been the go-to bike shop for anything bike related in Sedona! For experienced riders who bring their own mountain bike, Thunder Mountain Bikes has expert mechanics to fix any bike repairs needed, and put in the extra effort to ensure you are back on the trails as soon as possible. Regarding trail advice, they carry great maps and take the time to outline a route just for you. Even their website provides detailed ride maps and trail descriptions to help you research ahead of time, we highly recommend checking out their Trails page! They can even put you in touch with the best local mountain bike guides and coaches, in case you prefer having a guide to show you the trails. Even beyond just bikes, they are happy to help with your Sedona trip; ranging from directions around town, to restaurant recommendations, to local attractions, and even hiking recommendations.

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What do they sell?

If you find yourself in Sedona wanting to mountain bike, Thunder Mountain Bikes has you covered. They have the largest fleet of rental bikes in Sedona, with a full range of prices and budgets, from basic mountain bikes all the way up to top shelf carbon fiber mountain bikes. They provide helmets and accessories included with the rental bikes. You can ride the rental bike straight from the bike shop to trails nearby, or, for trails further away, they have bike racks that attach to most cars. Beyond the huge selection of rental bikes, Thunder Mountain Bikes is loaded with bike gear and components, all the parts you might need to soup up your beloved ride or replace a broken part. They also sell a wide variety of Sedona branded clothing, mountain bike specific apparel, and protective gear. All of this helps to keep you comfortable and safe on the trails, and it always helps to have the right style while doing it! If you are a bike lover, or just looking to rent a bike for the day, or if you just need some information, make sure you enquire about Thunder Mountain Bikes during your vacation in one of I Love Sedona’s beautiful rental properties!

For all the details and information about our favorite bike shop, check out www.ThunderMountainBikes.com