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Munds Wagon Trail

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A long time ago, Munds Wagon Trail was the main highway between Sedona and Flagstaff, where wagons used to traverse the wild landscape. While it has been many years since a wagon has traversed through Munds Wagon Trail, it is now a wonderful place to hike. It’s an eight-mile round trip and you’ll be going through many of the visual sights that make Sedona a favorite. It is a hike of moderate difficulty, with a couple stretches that require a good deal of effort and experience.

You will be able to get up close and personal with some of Sedona’s most amazing features and rock formations. The “Cow Pies” are some of the most prominent that you will get to experience on this hike. These are dome-shaped formations consisting of sedimentary rock.

The trailhead to Munds Wagon Trail is to the east of Highway 179 about a mile south of the 89A.

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167 Schnebly Hill Rd, Sedona, (928) 282-3113 Maps are available from the Forest Service Office.