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Step aside Virginia, because Sedona is for Lovers now. With so many things to do in Sedona that are beautiful and breathtaking, it only makes sense to spend it with the one you love. From quiet evenings under the starlit night sky to romantic date nights out, you’re sure to make some memories while you’re here among the red rocks. Create the ultimate trip for romance in Sedona by experiencing all the natural beauty that Arizona has to offer!

Our Favorite Romantic Activities for Couples in Sedona

 1) Stargazing during a Cool, Sedona Night

Create unforgettable memories in Sedona by grabbing an outdoor blanket, a bottle of wine, and your partner for a truly romantic experience. Go rogue by creating your own stargazing experience, or hire one of the many Stargazing companies in the area. The Constellations of Cassiopeia and Cepheus can escort you and your partner to a prime viewing location, provide a telescope, and a well-informed guide to tell you about the most romantic constellations.

If you don’t want to hire a guide and prefer to go stargazing alone with your special someone, Sedona has so many great stargazing spots that you’ll probably stumble into one on accident. We recommend checking out the Village of Oak Creek for some great views of the Milky Way. Other good spots are the Two Trees Observing Area, Crescent Moon Picnic Site, or Dry Creek Road.

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2) Picnic at Slide Rock

There’s nothing more romantic than perfect Sedona weather, a plate full of cheese, and your favorite travel buddy in tote. So grab your lunch, refreshments, a blanket and head out to Slide Rock for an afternoon of fun. Slide Rock state park has a picnic area located near the entrance/parking lot, though we encourage you to take a hike and find your own spot for lunch. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, spread out your blanket, make your plates, and enjoy each other’s company while taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of Sedona.

Once you’re finished snacking on your charcuterie board, take the plunge with your partner down the cool, winding, natural slide for a memory to last you both a lifetime! Be sure to leave some refreshments for after you get done sliding and swimming, the heat can get pretty serious here in Sedona.

3) Watch the Sunset at Cathedral Rock

Feel the energy from one of the most powerful vortexes in Sedona during the most romantic time of the day; sunset. Trek up the out-and-back trail, through all the beautiful Arizonian wildflowers to experience a sunset placed in the wide open skies around Cathedral Rock. The leisurely walk up toward the vortex will take you and your partner’s breath completely away, and the view at the end of the trail is well worth the trip. You will be left with tons of Instagram worthy snapshots that will make all your other couple friends jealous.

4) Romantic Dinner Mariposa Grill

Add a little Latin-flare to your date night by making a reservation at Chef Lisa Dahl’s, Mariposa Sedona. With a beautiful South American inspired menu, your taste buds will sing with excitement and beg for more of Chef Dahl’s all Arizona-organic cuisine.

While you’re indulging in one of the best restaurants in the Sedona area, you and your dressed-up date will have views of a lifetime with the Red Rocks glowing as the Sedona sun hits them.

Reservations are strongly encouraged at Mariposa Sedona, especially if you’d like to sit out on their popular patio. Reach out to the restaurant to secure a table for the best date night of them all.

5) Plan a Scavenger Hunt on Devil’s Bridge Trail

Surprise your loved one with scavenger hunt along one of Sedona’s famous trails, Devil’s Bridge. With this out-and-back hike that lasts about three hours, Devil’s Bridge is the perfect location to hide little mementos up and down the path to show your true feelings for your loved one. Come up with cute riddles that contain homages to your partner, or reference landmarks in Sedona to lead your partner to the next clue.

Finish out this hiking scavenger hunt with a posed photo of the two of you waving atop the famous Devil’s Bridge. Don’t look down, if you do, grab a hold of your partner a little tighter.

6) Grab a Drink at Vino di Sedona on the Patio with Live Music

Nothing shouts romance more than a lowkey evening on a patio with live music and a glass of wine in your hand. There’s something about the wine at Vino di Sedona that just puts you in a different frame of mind, (probably the alcohol) and makes you want to grab your partner for a dance on their live patio. At Vino di Sedona, you can dance like no one is watching and spin your partner across the room, creating a picture-perfect memory for years to come.

Vino di Sedona offers wine and beer tasting, along with live music on site almost every night. Without knowing, you and your partner could spend hours upon hours sipping, singing, and slinging down some tapas for the perfect date night. Don’t forget to call a car home!

7) Take A Dip at Grasshopper Point

This lesser known Sedona landmark is actually considered one of the most romantic. With little trails and hidden areas off the beaten path, you’re sure to find a secluded section to experience Sedona’s nature at its height.

Grasshopper Point is located at the base of Oak Creek Canyon. A large towering cliff hovers over a swimming hole that is fed from the waters of Oak Creek. A majority of the area is shaded and cool, creating a lovely area to beat the heat and take a dip. There’s also a lot of shaded areas to have your lunch. So spread out a picnic blanket for the ultimate date experience.

If you and your partner are feeling a little more adventurous, put on your hiking shoes. Take notice of the many little trails that branch off Allen’s Bend, which begins in the parking area of Grasshopper Point.

Don’t forget to pack your camera! Grasshopper Point and the surrounding areas are full of breathtaking moments that you’ll want to capture, and with your partner there, who wouldn’t have to have a mini-photoshoot?

8) Take a Romantic Stroll Along Oak Creek

Forget long walks on the beach, here in Sedona the ultimate date is taking your partner for a nice long stroll along Oak Creek. Sure you could take your date to one of the many hiking trails that swim along the Sedona area, but at Oak Creek you’re able to get closer to nature, and even closer to your partner.

With lots of different areas that are shaded and non-shaded, Oak Creek is perfect for everyone. Discover the wildlife that lives along the lake as well as taking in the stunning views of the red rocks all around you. Oak Creek feels like a dream to most, especially with the many named trails that are intertwined in and around it.

Make sure you pack plenty of water, a camera, and snacks. No one wants a hangry partner when exploring one of the most beautiful sights in Sedona.

9) Take a Pottery Class at the Sedona Arts Center

Sedona is full of art and inspiration, and the Sedona Arts Center is no different. Make an effort to visit the Sedona Arts Center and explore their gallery full of Sedona inspired works of true art. From sculpture to acrylic paintings this gallery leaves nothing to be desired.

If for whatever reason, you’re not totally satisfied with just looking at the art, get your hands dirty and take a crash course with your partner, for a fun and messy date night. The Sedona Arts Center has many different classes and workshops you can take. Do you enjoy watercolors, but your partner enjoys ceramics? No worries here. The Sedona Art Center can offer you a course in both. You both will leave with a keepsake of your time in Sedona you can hang on your wall or place on your shelf for years to come.

10) Rent a Casita for a Romantic Night-In

Sedona is full of resorts and hotels that may cater to your every need, but when you want to just block out the world and be with your partner then the perfect idea is just a click away. Here in the Southwest, a Casita is a small building or home that is ideal for a romantic getaway.

Renting a Private Casita with room for just the two of you can create a memory to last a lifetime. With the help of ILoveSedona.com you can curate a personal concierge service that will deliver anything you may need in your romantic home away from home.

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