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Four Sedona Golf Courses You HAVE to Play

Author 02-26-2021

Sedona, AZ is such an attractive place for a vacation for a slew of reasons. From breathtaking red rock formations such as Bell Rock to winery tours, there is something for everyone to experience here. The Sedona area has become renowned for its incredible natural charm, especially for the unique red rocks that dot the bustling town. The gorgeous red rock landscape and natural allure of Sedona create an unforgettable golf experience that can’t be replicated.

Seven Canyons Golf Course

The Seven Canyons Golf Course, nestled in excellent seclusion to the northwest of Sedona’s central city, is home to long drives, short putts, and good times. The towering walls that surround the area go a long way in creating an atmosphere of peace. You will find a well designed and maintained golf course within this beautiful solitude just like anywhere else here in Sedona.

This 18-hole course stretches just under 7,000 feet in total and has a par rating of 72. Golfers experience varying course conditions as they wander hole to hole, as some holes offer little room for error while other tees provide a bit more freedom and playability. The Seven Canyons Golf Course is a beautiful course meant to satisfy anyone who plays it.

The Seven Canyons Golf Course private course is a perfect example of Sedona luxury and style. If you happen to know anyone that is a member, you might want to let them know you’re going to be in the Sedona area and wouldn’t mind playing a round or two. Tom Weiskopf designed this 18 hole, award-winning world class course. Please visit the Seven Canyons Golf Resort website for more information on booking tee times and pricing.

Canyon Mesa Country Club

You might think a Sedona golf course would be boring and dull, but that is not the case at Canyon Mesa Country Club. This 9-hole course established in Oak Creek Village, just nine miles outside Sedona, is lush and green, with grown trees implementing a contrasting backdrop to the course’s red rocks.

Canyon Mesa Country Club is a perfect place to practice your short game on a budget. Canyon Mesa offers golf fees in Sedona starting at $25. Visit Canyon Mesa Country Club’s website to book your tee time today!

Sedona Golf Resort

Renowned for having the most photographed par 3 in the Southwest, the Sedona Golf Resort’s 10th hole is one hole you will never forget. The views of the striking red rocks surrounding this challenging and eye-popping green will make you feel satisfied that you lived long enough to endure playing this fantastic course.

Green fee rates begin as low as $59 and top out at $105 depending on the season, day, and time of day you desire to play. Visit Sedona Golf Resort’s website to book your tee time and learn more about this unbelievable course.

Poco Diablo Resort

This 9-hole charmer is a walking course, excellent for those days you want to get out and stretch your legs in the crisp mountain air. It is stimulating enough to interest low handicap golfers but is still simple enough for newbies to play on without feeling overwhelmed.

Poco Diablo Resort is best for those days when you don’t have a lot of time yet still wanting to play a quick round of golf. Located at 1752 State Route 179, Sedona, Poco Diablo is the place to be for a nice walk around the golf course.

With weather as wonderful as ours in Sedona, it’s no surprise that a substantial portion of vacationers who visit us are here for a golf getaway. Golf courses in Sedona are well managed, and the landscape is unlike any you can find anywhere else. Imagining your Sedona afternoons on lush emerald greens with the impeccable red rocks standing on the horizon, it’s possible you might get a little distracted and have to yell, FORE!

Visit Poco Diablo Resort’s tee time website to book your tee time and learn more about this course.

Book a Sedona vacation rental today and start preparing for a fun-filled, destination vacation on a few of the most stunning courses in the U.S. Sedona does golf right! With homes close or even on these incredible Sedona courses, you will be continuously itching to hit another drive.