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Every day in Sedona is a beautiful day but there is a special magic reserved for rainy days, and if you are lucky enough to spend a rainy day in red rock country, it will suddenly all become clear. In other parts of the word, a rainy day can put a damper on your fun; in Sedona, it adds to the essential wonder that is our small mountain village, especially when you choose I Love Sedona for your vacation escape! Explore the great indoors as you shop, visit museums, and art galleries, and if you find yourself stepping out into the rain, lifting your face to the heavens and feeling the cool wetness dampen your face, that will be the moment when you realize you understand the magic of a rainy day in Sedona! This guide to the fun activities in Sedona you can have inside (and out!) will ensure your Arizona vacation will be the one you fondly remember forever.

Lose Yourself in the Past

The simple joys of a rainy day in the desert can be enhanced when you lose yourself in the simple pleasures of the past. The Sedona Heritage Museum, 735 Jordan Road, is housed inside a preserved farmstead that once belonged to a local family, the Jordans, and offers a fascinating peek into the history of Sedona. The museum is actually made up of three historic buildings, so there will be some dashing through the raindrops involved, but we don’t think you will mind too much, once you get your first glimpse of the treasures they all hold! Explore the women’s voting exhibit followed by a visit to a kitchen that remains set up much the same as it was during pioneer days. The Telegraph Office, built about 100 years ago, has also been the site where movies have been made, including a John Wayne movie entitled Angel and the Bad Man. Learn how Sedona got its name, about its early apple orchards, and how ranchers and cowboys worked the land long before tourists began flocking here. As the rain continues to fall, you will mostly stay warm and cozy inside, examining the very spots where many old Westerns were filmed.

Savor the Peace

The Chapel of the Holy Cross, 780 Chapel Road, is an active Catholic church nestled high above the Sedona landscape. Offering a quiet beauty with walls of windows that let in awe inspiring views while keeping out the elements, the peace and serenity of this spot is enhanced by the falling rain. Sit in the pews and contemplate life’s mysteries, head down stairs and purchase a few mementos of your visit, or, if a little dampness does not bother you, walk along the cobblestone paths outside the chapel, taking in the beauty of the natural landscape, mosaic art pieces tiled into the cobblestones, portraits on the walls, and small statues that can be found on the grounds of the Chapel.

Ding, Ding, Ding

A trolley tour can be the best way to get to know a town you are visiting, and the red trolley cars that belong to Sedona Trolley will keep you dry as you explore the hot spots in Sedona, including Chapel of the Holy Cross, saving visitors a drive up a mountain on rainy roads! All tours are fully narrated and many offer stops at some of the more popular locations, including ones for photo opportunities with the breathtaking red rocks standing in as backdrops for your family vacation photos. Sedona Trolley also offers a build your own tour that combines all the different tours they offer into one grand adventure, allowing you to see all that our red rock town has to offer. Make note of the areas you want to explore more intensely on a sunny day and return at a later time in your vacation.

Treat Yourself

We spend our lives taking care of the needs of everyone else while pushing our own needs and wants into the background, but a rainy day in the desert is the perfect time to move yourself to the forefront with a visit to Sedona’s New Day Spa. Located at 3004 W State Route 89A, this elegant business has been a local tradition for over 10 years. Offering a list of treatments that could be described as an extensive menu of pampering, guests can get massages, facials, nail care services, waxing, and tinting of the eyelashes and brows, all services that you may expect from a spa, but it is their Native Wisdom Spa Rituals that sets A New Day Spa apart from all the rest. The Wheel of Life Gemstone Reading will give you new insights into the mysteries in your life, the Vision Quest Sedona Experience will guide you on an inner journey, and the Sweat Lodge, billed as a steamy spa experience where steam is used to cleanse your body and purify your spirit. Rainy days and changes of plan will be far from your mind as you revel in a day designed to spoil and pamper!

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Everybody Loves Sedona

Rainy days, sunny days, hot days, and cold, you cannot help but fall in love with the magic of our red rock village, and when you choose I Love Sedona for your vacation accommodations, it just keeps getting better! Reserve your stay with us today!