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Mini Itinerary: One Day in Sedona (Social Distance & COVID Friendly)

Author 03-19-2021

The Best Sedona Daytime Activities

If you’re coming to visit Sedona on vacation and have limited time to get out, explore, and enjoy the area, it can be hard to plan your time! With all of the things to do, hiking trails to explore, deciding how you want to spend your limited time on vacation in Sedona can feel like an impossible task. That’s why we put together this mini itinerary, to help you pack as much Sedona action into a single day as possible!

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Morning in Sedona – Breakfast at Red Rock Cafe

First things first, we need to get some food and coffee before we start the day. While you might want to cook breakfast and hang out inside your vacation rental, this guide is all about getting you out and into Sedona. First on our list is breakfast at Red Rock Cafe. Their menu features breakfast and lunch staples as well as a beer, wine, and mimosa menu. We love the eggs benedict and their different omelettes, but it’s really impossible to go wrong.

Visit the Red Rock Cafe website for more information.

Mid Morning – Hiking the Birthing Cave Trail

After we’ve had our breakfast and have taken some time to wake up and get going, let’s get out and explore! We like to hit the trails early in the day, before the sun comes up, or later in the day, as the sun is setting. There’s nothing wrong with hiking mid-day though, but be prepared to sweat! The sun can make things extra warm during the mid day hours, so we try to avoid heading out on any long hikes during that time.

One of our favorite Sedona hiking trails is the Birthing Cave Trail, which doesn’t take much longer than 1.5-2 hours to hike, and offers some pretty incredible views. If you’re looking for a trail that offers the best “bang for your buck” in terms of calories burned vs. a rewarding view, this is a great choice.

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Early Afternoon – Lunch!

After all of that hiking around you’re going to be ready to eat! Depending on what you’re hungry for, we have two options for you: Tortas de Fuego, and Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen. Each of these options are located in West Sedona, which is closer to the Birthing Cave Trail than Uptown Sedona, or other popular lunch options around Sedona.

Tortas de Fuego is consistently rated among the top choices for Mexican food in Sedona, and we totally agree with that. The food is amazing, authentic, and best of all, fresh. While you can’t really go wrong here, we definitely recommend getting some fresh chips and guacamole. If you’re 21 or older, they also make fantastic margaritas. Cheers!

Visit the Tortas de Fuego website for more information.

Picazzo’s was featured on our Top 5 BEST Vegan Restaurants In Sedona blog post, and it’s back again because it’s just that good. After spending your morning hiking in the sun, some fresh food just might hit the spot – and Picazzo’s has plenty of that to go around. The pizza and salad are both out of this world, we recommend you choose a few items that everyone likes and try a little bit of everything!

Visit the Picazzo’s website for more information.

Afternoon – Relax & Have Some Fun

Just like we did for lunch, we’re going to let you choose how you spend your afternoon, but we recommend choosing something that allows you to relax, unwind, or have some fun. If you’re looking to relax, we recommend checking out one of the local spas for a mani-pedi, massage therapy, or facial. Here are just a few of our favorite spas in Sedona:

For those of you who don’t want to spend the afternoon in a spa and would prefer to get out for some fun after lunch, we recommend playing a round of golf. Sedona has some of the most visually appealing golf courses in the country, and range in skill level.

Check out all of our favorite Sedona Golf Courses here.

Evening – Dinner With a View

After a long day of fun and exploration, you’re probably ready to settle down for some dinner with a relaxing view. Again, we have two choices for you! Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill offers absolutely breathtaking views of the Verde Valley and red rock landscape, as well as some of the best Latin-American cuisine in the Southwest. The craft cocktails are also out of this world, and the wine menu is incredibly robust.

Visit the Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill website for more information.

Your other option for dinner is Cress on Oak Creek, which is nestled directly alongside Oak Creek, and offers seating just feet from the water. Serving up New American and French cuisine, the food at Cress on Oak Creek is second to none, and is sure to please the whole table.

Visit the Cress on Oak Creek website for more information.

There you have it! If we could spend just one day in Sedona, this is how we would choose to do it. Of course there’s so much more to do and see in Sedona, but that’s why you don’t come for just one day! Check out our Sedona vacation rentals that are perfect for your next visit. We can’t wait to see you soon!